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AJ Williams

The Twitter feed from David Wiley - 3 views

    David Wiley (aka @opencontent) is a long-time advocate for OER and the use of open content in education. He consistently blogs and tweets very relevant resources and information for this group.
    I am a great fan of David Wiley. I follow his blog in my feed to make sure I get all his posts. He recently posted a great article about how MOOCs have hurt the open movement, rather than helped it since MOOCs are not using the word 'open' to refer to the same thing - one is open registration/participation versus open content.
    @mbishon Marvelous article with one theme summed up in one of his sentences..."Their modus operandi has been to copy and paste the 1969 idea of open entry into online courses in 2014. " I have taken lots of MOOCs and they truly vary in quality. The best MOOC I every took was etMOOC that did exactly what David says open education should be--to revise, remix, and redistribute materials available for reuse, thereby adding value.
Olga Huertas

Bienvenido al blog de Open Knowledge: estamos abiertos al público - 0 views

    Hoy empezamos un nuevo proyecto en el BID: un blog para discutir y aprender sobre open knowledge o conocimiento abierto y su impacto en el desarrollo de América Latina y el Caribe. Para muchos, este tema es algo confuso, por novedoso y multifacético.

GNOSS - La universidad 2.0 - Identidad digital - Informal learning - 4 views

Os dejo un enlace muy interesante, dentro de la comunidad de GNOSS, centrado en la comunidad universitaria y en lo que debería ser la Universidad del futuro, con profesores, alumnos e instituciones...

module2 mooc open knowledge informal learning Dr. Alec Couros

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Some Different Ideas about Digital Identity - 15 views

    Exploring Digital Identity: Beyond the Private Public Paradox. A great article that explores how new media is transforming culture and how we identify ourselves online. The article uses a metaphor called digiSelves to describe how we are also creating a new identity too.
    Indeed, maintaining the distance between the private self and public persona may be more difficult as we enter the virtual global village. As we continue to use the media, the proposition that we may become invested in the public persona possibly at odds with our private self seems to be a reasonable assertion. School shootings tend to support this.
    People have a digital identity to surf on the Internet and get access to different kinds of information. Yes, there are a lot of good resources online for people to know and to learn. However, during the process, people's privacy also takes the risk of being viewed by others. On the other hand, everyone also has a chance to see others' privacy. So, is it good or bad to have such a digital identity. I think it is good and people acquire much more benefits than the risk they take.
Joelle Herman

Open Knowledge Repository -- World Bank - 2 views

    Importante iniciativa del Banco Mundial en el área de interés del presente curso
moonlove - 3 views As long as we are talking about knowledge, and as long as this knowledge is unlimited, I have to post this audio book about knowledge, but a different ...

mooc module1 knowledge

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