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2018 SERC Seed Grant Solicitation issued | Subsurface Energy Resource Center - 0 views


    This could include, but is not limited to:
    (a) alternative and clean energy sources;
    (b) environmental and social issues as related to specific or broader energy and resource management issues;
    (c) economic, environmental, and social costs/benefits of energy development (alternative and fossil fuel);
    (d) hazard and risk assessment of different methods of energy production on various endpoints/receptors;
    (e) development of frameworks for managing energy development; and
    (f) restoration/reclamation of lands damaged by energy extraction

Science of Learning | NSF - National Science Foundation - 0 views

    The Science of Learning program supports potentially transformative basic research to advance the science of learning. The goals of the SL Program are to develop basic theoretical insights and fundamental knowledge about learning principles, processes and constraints. Projects that are integrative and/or interdisciplinary may be especially valuable in moving basic understanding of learning forward but research with a single discipline or methodology is also appropriate if it addresses basic scientific questions in learning. The possibility of developing connections between proposed research and specific scientific, technological, educational, and workforce challenges will be considered as valuable broader impacts, but are not necessarily central to the intellectual merit of proposed research. The program will support research addressing learning in a wide range of domains at one or more levels of analysis including: molecular/cellular mechanisms; brain systems; cognitive affective, and behavioral processes; and social/cultural influences. The program supports a variety of methods including: experiments, field studies, surveys, secondary-data analyses, and modeling.

NLA Junior Faculty Research Award | National Lipid Association Online - 0 views

    The purpose of the NLA Junior Faculty Research is to encourage scholarly advancement of Junior Faculty in the pursuit of a career related to hyperlipidemia and other lipid disorders in humans. The NLA will fund eligible institutions to provide $70,000 per year in salary support for those actively involved in clinical and/or basic science that provides promise of developing new information in fields of study that could advance the diagnosis and management of lipid disorders such as biochemistry, physiology, or genetics as well as interventions that improve therapy. The institutions eligible shall be nonprofit and offer an environment that would logically support a young faculty member with appropriate equipment, space and experienced faculty for proposed studies. The proposal will identify a specific candidate with training and strong signs of early success in an appropriate area of research and with a plan for developing appropriate experiments or clinical studies.
    To be eligible, an applicant is expected to hold or be eligible for a doctoral level degree (PhD, PharmD or MD) prior to the date of the scheduled award. There must be a record of accomplishment in a relevant research area as manifest by publications or a PhD thesis of high quality.
    The application for the Basic Science Award may focus on any aspect of lipid metabolism that has relevance to human disease. This may include experiments at the laboratory bench involving structural chemistry, biochemistry, physiology or genetics.

NEA Funded Research | National Eczema Association - 0 views

    In 2015, NEA adopted a comprehensive strategic plan, the Roadmap to Advocacy, after extensive discussions with industry, patients, parents, and provider stakeholders. This plan places significant emphasis on understanding the overall burden of atopic dermatitis (AD), including the impact AD has on patients, families, the healthcare system, places of school and work, and society as a whole. NEA aims to become a steward of burden of disease research by serving as a clearinghouse for patient-centered data that can be readily shared with individuals and organizations interested in improving the lives of patients with eczema. NEA will ultimately utilize research on the burden of AD to further our mission to improve the health and quality of life for individuals with AD.
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