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Google Sidewiki entry about Santa Barbara Sheriff's Blog - 2 views

    We have documented our case and have contacted Adult Protective Services several times. I even called Sacremento
    Corruption, Melody Scott, Elder, Senior, Misconduct, Abuse of power, Courts, Riverside County, Sheriff, DA, Rod Pacheco, Adult Protective Services, Courts
Nye Frank

Practical Implications of Current Domestic Violence Research - 0 views

    Lee Frank a 72 year old woman terror by Sheriff and DA after her husband killed in front of her.
Nye Frank

Victim and Witness Intimidation: New Developments and Emerging Responses | National Ins... - 0 views

    Victim and Witness Intimidation: New Developments and Emerging Responses
    October 1995
    Prosecutors in some jurisdictions report an increase in victim and witness intimidation: some prosecutors have estimated intimidation as a factor in 75 to 100 percent of the violent crimes committed in some gang-dominated neighborhoods. Victim and Witness Intimidation: New Developments and Emerging Responses summarizes recent developments in gang- and drug-related intimidation of victims and witnesses, current responses to the problem by police and prosecutors, and emerging models and strategies for its prevention and suppression.
    Even though this is concidered a crime and serious it was not concidered at all in the elder Nye Frank homicide. 73 year old Lee Frank and her neighbors were stalked for months after Nye Frank was killed. The sheriff, APS and DA office all notified and did not do anything.

    Looking at the parties involved and the political connections and what the father says on the recorcding it obvious who this Goverment agency is protecting. One of their own not the victim.
Nye Frank

riverside county google local news on prosecutors, sheriff, da - Google Search - 0 views

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    Please Read!!! Nye Frank!!!! - OFN Forums

    - 17
    - Apr 13
    I was informed news guy Prosecutor Calhuoun's was
    his girl friends room mate.
    not to file charges against Reddish.

    Riverside County Sheriff Audio Recording of Nye Frank Homicide, Phil
    Nye Frank- Riverside DA ol boys club Homicide
    ... -
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    DA's Investigator, 5 Family Members Found Dead - Topix

    - 5
    - 10/8/08

    5 posts
    3 authors
    Last post:
    Sep 15,
    Local News: Cathedral City, CA
    This comes as
    news emerges about the retirement of its chief
    prosecutors win their cases, but it takes a great

    Riverside County Sheriff Audio Recording of Nye Frank Homicide,
    ... Sheriff Report
    showing case closed by
    - 79k -


    County, CA Domestic Violence Attorney Profiles

    Lawyers Riverside County California - Attorney Profiles
    Domestic Violence
    years as a reserve Deputy Sheriff with the
    Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department.
    I also teach a
    course on homicide investigation at a local community college. I have
    trained other prosecutors during seminars for the California

    - 63k -


    County, CA Attorney Profiles - Riverside County

    He has appeared on Good Morning America, CNN, Court TV, Fox
    News Channel and Public Television.
    He is we
Nye Frank

Reinforcing the "blue wall of silence" - Why recent court decisions involving two whist... - 0 views


    10/24/2008 - 11:13am

    Riverside County
    Sheriff, Coroner, DA Rod Pacheco, the fire department all participated in a
    cover up. Even Victims Advocate in DA office lied and said there was not a
    elders advocate in the county. A 68 year old Senior Nye Frank was attacked by a
    27 year old man. Ty Reddish has had professional wrestling training, adult base
    ball pitcher and a history of combative behavior.

    Sheriff originally told us
    not investigating because
    no injuries and it was a heart attack. We asked to meet with coroner and made a
    apppointment. To our surprise Special Investigator showed up and a Sargent from
    the Homicide
    department. We
    had tried calling them for weeks. They would not let us
    talk to the pathologist,
    and would not take statments of other recent combative incidences of Ty Reddish
    with others living nearby. They would not release the sheriff report or autopsy.
    Finally with help of a National victims advocate and another call from a special
    investigator(they investigate misconduct} internal affairs stepped in to make
    the DA office release the reports. The day befor our family was told of the
    release a news paper guy from Press Enterprise called us
    . He said he felt we had a
    story. He informed us
    had a copy of the autopsy. We were surprised as we were working actively to get
    one. We requested him to fax it to us
    . We met with him, told
    him our side. But he put in the newspaper front page 5 months after incident
    that it was a heart attack (autopsy says no heart attack) and a fist fight when
    only one person hit. DA prosecutor threatened to arrest 72 year old wife if we
    pursued the case. She was allowed to close the case as exceptional
    and moved from
    the Riverside County DA to San Bernardino. During a conversation with newsman he
    admitted prosecutor Daima Calhoun was his girl friends roommate. The corner has
    with natural
Nye Frank

Nye Frank Racing, Riverside County Homicide Cover up - 0 views

    Freight Train, Drag Racing, Off Road Racing, race-dezert, dusty times
Nye Frank

Pictures of Nye and Ty, at the scene Picasa Web Albums - dbreedlove - TheHomicideOfNyeF... - 0 views

    Department of Justice guidelines state that "A law enforcement agency clears a crime by exceptional means when elements beyond its control prevent the placing of formal charges against the offender
    Riverside DA office kept saying Nye had a heart attack and no injuries. They originally refused to release the sheriff report and autopsy. They said Lee Frank just imagined that Ty was beating him up for such a long time. The prosecutor Daiama Calhoun said she did not care what the autopsy showed she made up her mind. Mike Rushton her manager sealed the autopsy xrays and lab to prevent the family access to them. He claimed privacy. Imagine he is a judge now. See my letters to the DA victim advocate Kim Emmerling. Mike finally admitted Nye was strangled. But he was so confident in his ability to block Lee Frank from Justice he did not care.
Nye Frank

Metropolitan Police Department main page - 0 views

    Department of Justice guidelines state that "A law enforcement agency clears a crime by exceptional means when elements beyond its control prevent the placing of formal charges against the offender
    Metropolitan Police Department Main Page



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    Neighborhood Safety Zone Initiative
    Mayor Adrian Fenty, MPD Chief Cathy
    Department of Justice guidelines state that "A law enforcement agency clears a crime by exceptional means when elements beyond its control prevent the placing of formal charges against the offender
Nye Frank

Esparanza Fire - 0 views

    Esparanza Fire, Twin Pines 5 fire fighters died, a sixth fire fighter victimized.
    A untold story of one of the fire victims home that burned down that the news and the governor visited in Twin Pines. There is a very ugly story attached. And another victim who was a fire fighter when younger and He Nye Frank put out his neighbors house fire during the esparanza fire with buckets and a shovel. Then about a year later his homicide by stranglation by a guy wearing a fireman shirt. Turned out to be a son of a friend of the DA in Riverside. Homicide cover up of Nye Frank.
nyefrankracing frank

Riverside County Tactics to Elder in Court False Statement of Fact - 1 views

    • Nye Frank
      The Autopsy and Sheriff report were not given to the family when the case was closed. Dawn the daughter had to call a national victims org to get them. The autopsy was given to the Press Enterprise before family. Even thogh there is zero indications that Nye ever hit the article 5 months after Nye's death, front page says fist fight, and says heart attack while the autopsy says no heart attack. Perhaps the Press Enterprise is puppet ofs the DA office, to cover up the truth and creat bias. It is alledged that the news reporter is dating the room mate of Prosecutor Daima Calhoun. Daima Calhoun told Dawn if her mom and her continued to investigate this case she would arrest 73 year old Lee Frank. Her boss Mike Rushton told Lee he had a heart attack, even though the autopsy says he did not and Mike attended a meeting a month before closing the case as a homicide in a administrative meeting. Killer let out in 3 days to stalk Nye Franks wife. The sheriff and DA, and protective services said they cannot do anything about it.
    • Nye Frank
      Ty was actually out within 24 hours even though the DA and sheriff knew his parents were already stalking us
    68 year old Nye Frank strangled and beat in front of his 73 year old wife Lee Frank. 27 year old Ty Reddish was professionally trained in wrestling. Nye had 0 history of fighting ever. The Sheriff said that the prosecutor said not charging the guy because he said Prosecutor Daima Calhoun of Riverside County
Nye Frank

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    Riverside County Corruption
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