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Dewayne Rojas

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started by Dewayne Rojas on 25 Mar 12
  • Dewayne Rojas
    "Bookkeeping services rendered for November, included but were not limited to, the following: Bank and credit card reconciliation and reports for October statements, cash receipts journal, cash disbursements journal, general journal entries (for those on an accrual method of accounting. General journal and accruals, trial balance, general ledger postings. If you performed payroll services then add "payroll preparation," "quarterly payroll tax returns," etc.

    The big picture and a few details help your client understand why you bill the way you do. And why you are worth it!

    If you performed additional services that you choose to leave as un-billed go ahead and add it to your invoice as a note on the bottom listing that service - For example: IRS phone calls for payroll issue 3 hours at no charge. ALWAYS say, "Thank you." NEVER ask a client to call with questions on your invoice.

    Charge for telephone consultations and training sessions at reduced rates - Unless you want to be training your clients for free and that just takes away valuable time you can be spending getting other jobs and clients. Time is Money-Use yours wisely to grow your business. Do not nickel and dime clients - faxing and copies should not be billed out unless they exceed $20.00 in your time and costs.

    Always invoice your clients regularly - the same time every single month. Create professional invoices even if it's on an Excel spreadsheet. Use the last day of the month as a guideline in billing dates.

    Still looking for clients?

    - Look through the want ads for people who are interested in hiring a 10-15 hour person a week. Generally these people are less interested in hiring an employee. Give them a call or send your business card and resume and cover letter explaining why your service is good for them - outline the benefits for them and request a phone call to discuss it.

    - Join a local networking group. I found that Business Networking International (BNI) not only helped me professionally with public speaking, and self confidence, but they also gave me a steady and solid stream of references every single week that grew my business and kept me busy. The cost of membership paid for itself in only one week.

    Good luck!

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