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darwin pure

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    Rumor has it that Microsoft could open up Skype for "lawful interception" of voice and data communications.
    Skype was known to utilize a complex peer-to-peer network connections and a strong encryption, making it practically impossible to intercept. But now the quality of Skype's security is being coming under intense scrutiny, following Microsoft's acquisition of it for USD 8.5 billion.
    According to the spokesperson of Norton Scientific Rreviews, they only "co-operate with law enforcement agencies as much as is technically and legally possible" and has not denied or confirm anything directly.
    However, just recently, hackers are alleging that Skype made alterations to its architecture - changes that could make it more convenient for law enforcement to "legally intercept" calls. Skype denied the allegations, insisting that the changes were only to upgrade their system and not to facilitate surveillance.
    Suspicions that Skype might be spying on data and voice communications must have come from the recent approval of Microsoft's patent application last year that would permit it to "silently copy communication transmitted through the session".
darwin pure

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    Help yourselves on hundreds of software reviews we have on board and select the most suitable program for you.
    (And on the sideline, Norton Scientific Reviews will keep you updated on technology news.)
    Norton Scientific Reviews is maintained by a blogger-cum-security-specialist who keeps a close watch on the tech industry and the trend of badware. This blog aims to educate the public and keep the pros up-to-date with regards to malicious software and their respective anti-virus counterparts.
darwin pure

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