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colen mathew

Scary cybercrime headlines l Tumblr - 0 views

    British Columbians are worried about cybersecurity but they're also more likely than other Canadians to share their debit card personal identification numbers with others and take other risks that could leave them open to identity theft and other fraud.
    These are among the findings of a survey released today by TD Canada Trust in conjunction with Fraud Prevention Month in Canada.
    Visa Canada released its own survey, this one conducted by Ipsos Reid that found young Canadians, those aged 18 to 30 are the most likely to share too much personal information on social networking sites - information such as birthdates, home addresses and phone numbers that provide lucrative pickings for identity thieves, phishing expeditions and other online fraud.
    Today's releases come the week after Norton, the security company, released its top riskiest Canadian cities for cybercrime risk rankings. The polls and rankings all add up to a lot of scary headlines and ones Simon Fraser University communication professor Peter Chow-White suggest may be designed more for advertising and brand awareness than for research.
    "I think it is to put a discourse of anxiety and fear into the public sphere," he said. "They are all framed around risk, not safety."
colen mathew

Norton Audits, Inc. l Tumblr - 0 views

    This is an advanced-level class that takes an in-depth examination of severe noncompliance, clinical data fabrication and falsification, scientific misconduct and fraud cases. The course focus is on developing skills for preventing fraud and misconduct and preparing clinical research professionals to better handle severe noncompliance.
racqua think

Skechers to Pay $40M on FTC Charges : : Norton Scientific Reviews - 0 views

    Skechers USA has agreed to settle charges by the Federal Trade Commission for USD 40 million due to its claims that Shape-up shoes could help people tone muscles and lose weight. However, state and federal officials discovered that Shape-ups and other Skechers' toning shoes are not living up to all the marketing hype.
    "Skechers' unfounded claims went beyond stronger and more toned muscles.  The company even made claims about weight loss and cardiovascular health," said the director of the FTC's Bureau of Consumer Protection.
    According to Norton Scientific Reviews report, aside from the Shape-ups line, Skechers have also made deceptive claims on its Tone-ups, Toners and Resistance Runner shoes.
    The shape-up ads declaring that the shoes are made to tone muscles and promote weight loss, claims that the FTC says are unsupported. FTC further alleges that Skechers cherry-picked results from the study that they cited and also failed to substantiate anything.
    Skechers were defiant, however, and strongly denied the charges. According to them, they only agreed to the settlement in order to avoid "exorbitant cost and endless distraction of several years spent defending multiple lawsuits in multiple courts across the country".
    Its president Michael Greenberg said, "The Company has received overwhelmingly enthusiastic feedback from literally thousands of customers who have tried our toning shoes for themselves and have written unsolicited testimonials about their positive experiences."
    However, instead of defending itself against the lawsuit, Skechers opted for a settlement, which also means that it could avoid admitting anything. On Wednesday, it has agreed to settle the USD 50 million false advertising charges by the FTC and the lawyers of 44 states. Also included in the settlement is the barring of Skechers from misrepresenting any studies, research or studies related to toning shoes.
    This settlement marks the FTC's continuous efforts
norton review

Reliable Sources - News - Norton Scientific Journal - 0 views

    Reliable Sources - News Archive
    DoI Awards Google $35m Email Contract
    By admin | Filed in Reliable Sources - News
    The US Interior Department has announced that it is awarding Google and Onix Networking the USD 35 million contracts to consolidate the agency's email and collaboration systems, changing its first decision that favored Microsoft's Office 365.


    "Implementing a Department-wide, cloud-based email system that helps modernize the ways we do business while cutting costs is good government, plain and simple," said Ken Salazar, Secretary of the Interior.


    The agency's move of consolidating its IT operations aims to reduce deficit and save as much as USD 500 million by 2020.


    This new deal aims to migrate the Interior's 90,000 mailboxes from various instances of Microsoft Exchange, Lotus Domino and other programs on collaboration and messaging on to Google's cloud services.


    DOI's deal with Google requires features such as calendar, email, task management and archiving. In addition, the agency also needs an online suite of Sites web design tool, document productivity programs and video/audio chat tools along with mobile services of Google.


    The contract was actually given to Onix Networking, Google's partner, with a 60-day period to demonstrate its various security and technology capabilities.


    Being a government contract, it wouldn't be as easy as moving mailboxes; Google and Onix Networking still has to prove that they can meet the agency's objectives for regulatory compliance and information assurance.

    Norton Scientific Journal reported that the winning bid's contract covers the first stage of the project costing USD 17, 248 and the overall project cost of USD 34.8 million over the next 7 years. After the requirements for an integrated suite of tools were met by Onix and Google, DOI will begin migrating over 90,000 staff mailboxes from its 7 on-site email systems on to the cloud, a process that is expected t
norton review

Scientific harvesting to be adopted for the king of fruits - 0 views

    R Chowdareddy, Srinivaspur, June 3, 2012, DHNS:
    Focus on quality at the Hopcoms purchase centre in Srinivaspur
    Close on the heels of the setting up of mango purchase centre by Hopcoms, the growers in the taluk have adopted scientific methods to harvest the produce.

    Acting on a direction from the High Court of Karnataka to provide market facilities for mango growers, the Agriculture Produce Market Committee has set up a mango purchase centre at its yard in the town. The guidelines governing the purchase of the produce emphasise on quality of the fruit.

    Hitherto, the growers used to harvest the crop unscientifically and poor quality of the produce reflected on the price it fetched in the market. As the area under mango cultivation expanded, the farmers began to pluck the semi-ripened fruit and bring them to the market. The semi-ripened mangoes perished at the earliest, even by the time they were transported to the market and consequently, the traders rejected such fruits during purchase. Huge quantity of mango was wasted this way, to the detriment of the growers.

    With the framing of guidelines for purchase of mangoes at the newly-set up purchase centres, the growers have taken to scientific methods of harvesting the 'King of Fruits.'
    The horticultural produce is now being plucked with the help of a basket, which prevents the mangoes from falling to the ground from a height. Earlier, the semi-ripened mangoes were made to fall from the free by hitting them repeatedly with a pole. The mangoes which hit the earth from a height damage and perish easily. Attention is also now being paid on the ripening stage of the mango.

    While it is comparatively easy to adopt scientific method of harvesting in a small-size
    farm, the task is an arduous one in large holdings. Acute shortage of labourers is a major problem faced during harvesting. The demand for workers goes up sharply during the harvest season. The growers are finding it difficult to get workers even if they offer
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