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Honor Moorman

Top 6 Augmented Reality Mobile Apps [Videos] - 2 views

    A lot of excitement has been building around a category of iPhone and Android apps, most of which have yet to be approved or released. They are known as augmented reality apps. These applications combine virtual data into the physical real world by utilizing the iPhone 3GS or an Android phone's compass, camera, and GPS system. The result is that you can see things like the location of Twitter users and local restaurants in the physical world, even if they are miles away.
Honor Moorman

Mashable - Blog - 10 Awesome Uses of Augmented Reality Marketing - 2 views

    Visuals are an important part of advertising, so it's not surprising that so many companies have jumped on the augmented reality bandwagon, offering tools that visualize their products in a magical and memorable way. Here we take a look at some pretty amazing promotional uses of this new tech that work with common webcams, giving everyone a chance to experience augmented reality - a trend that will be big in 2010.
Steve Madsen

Virgin Blue Mobile Boarding pass - 0 views

    Virgin Blue has launched a revolutionary, innovative new process to check in and board on domestic flights via a traveller's mobile called "Check-Mate". Gone are the days of booking the flight in advance at a desktop computer, getting to the airport, lining up to check-in and getting a printed boarding pass, with the new Check-Mate process eliminating all paper boarding passes in favour of electronic boarding passes on mobile devices including mobile phones, BlackBerry Smartphones and iPhones.
Elise Turin

Protecting Children on Cyberspace - 1 views

    It's so interesting how cyberspace has shaped our lives. Is it positive or negative? Did your parents restrict what sites you viewed?
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