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High Quality Keyboard Protector for Asus EEE PC Notebook 1000 1000H, Online Shopping Deal - 0 views

    Brand new high quality keyboard protector!
    Special design for Asus EEE PC
    Perfectly covers the whole keyboard
    Made of silicone, semi-transparent white
    Soft and comfortable, fine elasticity

    Suitable for Asus EEEPC 1000, 1000H
    Size: 258 x 101 mm

    Package included:
    1 X Keyboard protector

    List Price: $ 5.99

    Deal Price: $ 3.19
Sean Brady

Apple will unveil netbooks next month, says analyst - 0 views

  • "I don't have any inside information," said Ezra Gottheil of Technology Business Research Inc., as he spelled out his take on Apple's next hardware move. "This is just by triangulation."
  • The App Store will be one of the keys, Gottheil said. "By controlling the software that can be loaded and the hardware that can be attached, Apple's device will be simpler, easier to use and more reliable than a PC, and will excel at the functions most required by users," he said.
  • The problem with current netbooks, including those powered by open-source Linux, is that while they may sport a simplified interface and be attractively priced, they lack many of the elements that Apple has. "The vendors did not invest in everything necessary to deliver the device, including software development, partnerships with other hardware vendors and online services," Gottheil said.

    To succeed, a netbook needs strong software, an online delivery system for that software and "enforced limits" on the supported peripherals, he said, pointing to Google Inc. as a possible software partner and supplier, the App Store as the delivery system and Hewlett-Packard Co. as the most likely peripheral partner.

Sean Brady

Jolicloud - 0 views

shared by Sean Brady on 10 Dec 08 - Cached
    New linux based OS
Sean Brady

YouTube - SSD WEEK at jkkmobile - 0 views

    I also prefer the use of SSD's in my netbook. I want to be able to move fast with my netbook, and carry it around in very hard drive unfriendly ways.
    JKK kicks off his week long look at SSD's with some opening thoughts on on why he likes SSD's and what he will be discussing the rest of the week.
Sean Brady - EeeRotate - 0 views

    A tiny program to rotate your screen and touchpad at the same time. Especially designed for EeePC but should work with all computers.
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