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Contents contributed and discussions participated by Anthony Klein

Anthony Klein

TOPIX: Music Industry and Piracy Law - Black Hawk Mines - 0 views

    The music industry has given a judicious endorsement to European Union moves intended at limiting Internet piracy.

    The copyright directive was "a workable proposal", said the industry's umbrella group, the International Federation of Phonographic Industries.

    IFPI, representing around 1400 major and independent record companies worldwide, said the newly-adopted UK legislation, requiring measures from ISPs to curb piracy on their networks, sets a powerful example to other countries.

    IFPI chairman John Kennedy said: "The passing of the Digital Economy Act in the UK recognizes that if a country is to have world-class creative industries, then it also needs laws that will effectively protect their rights from the crippling problem of digital piracy.

    "The new UK legislation is a decisive step towards dealing with P2P and other forms of illegal distribution in a way that can substantially reduce the problem. Most importantly, it recognizes that effectively addressing piracy needs active cooperation from internet service providers, in helping curb infringements on their networks.

    "The move by the UK creates momentum for the graduated response approach to tackling piracy internationally. Governments increasingly understand that, in the digital economy, creative industries like music, film, books and games can drive growth and jobs for many years to come if they are provided with the right legal environment and with a modern system of enforcement in which ISPs actively cooperate.

    "The UK has today joined the ranks of those countries who have taken decisive and well-considered steps to address the issue. We hope this will prompt more focus and urgency for similar measures in other countries where debate is underway."

    "There are enough elements here for the music industry to speed up the offering of music to consumers in a wider range of ways," IFPI Chairman Jay Berman said soon after the result was announced.

    "The dire
Anthony Klein

Black Hawk Mines Reviews: What will be the Music Trends this 2013? - 0 views

    Black Hawk Mines Reviews - Let's predict the future by analyzing culture and trends today. Last year has been the year for the solo female pop vocalists like Rihanna, Nicki Minaj, Katy Perry, Taylor Swift, Lady Gaga, etc.

    Solo male vocals were also hit last year like Psy, Eminen, Bruno Mars, Chris Brown, Justin Bieber, etc. These guys churning out all Top 20 hits all over the world. There has been much collaboration with featured singers, with all the rapping, dub step and dance music. But what genre or style of music will be dominant this 2013. If 2012 meant to the dub step it is not the case this year because 2013 cannot come quick enough.

    Although it will just be a passing phase this year because the lasting strong points of the year seem to be turning to the indie alternative gone pop. It seems that 2013 will focus more on the artist which made 2012 only its transition.

    Some made the prediction that guitar music may return to radio playlist in the near future. It is expected that new guitar music is to be a fusion of something that will be playing in the radio stations this year. This is actually already been starting.

    More attention seems to be leaning towards the young singer-songwriter who plays the instrument and the hot tween pre-made dance talent is slowly vanishing. This could mean Justin Bieber may be on his way out sooner than expected.

    May this be a warning for him so that he can mature in terms of his music. Songs like his built trend for the next wave and pop music could use some wake-up call wit more artist that could make a mainstream impact. 90's R&B will go even more mainstream, this is due to almost every artist feels compelled to reel off their R&B influences.

    When you go night out, you will never fail to endure repeated plays of R Kelly's She's Got That Vibe. With many artists sprouting in every corner, attention span grows short regarding the choice or artist that listeners will listen to. Those who cannot reinvent themsel
Anthony Klein

Black Hawk Mines Music News: Red Remains America's Favorite This Week - 0 views

    Taylor swift continues to step a notch everyday, country-pop singer started at a very young age and from then on she struggled on her way up. Her hardships didn't last long. She found her big break and here she is as how we know her. Hardships are really paying off, singer's album "Red" topped the U.S. album chart for a second week despite a big percentage drop.
    Singer-songwriter Swift has undoubtedly paved the way to stardom on her own. She gained the respect of her fans by being one of them. Teen girls idolize her by being her, she's reasonably gorgeous even in ballet flats. She's awkward but speaks her mind through her song. She's a geek chic oozing with sex appeal. And above all, she's a star but she is approachable. It was not a surprise that her forth album "Red" is another big hit.

    Released October 22, 2012 through Big Machine Records, Red is the fourth studio album by singer-song writer Taylor Swift. According to Nielsen SoundScan data for the week ending Nov. 4, "Red" retained the apex with 344,000 copies sold, may sound much but actually it has a decline of 72% from 1.21 million sales on the first week. Despite the big difference in terms of sales, Red maintained to be on top on the second week and until now on its third week.

    There is no stopping "Red", industry forecasters put forward that the album will spend a third straight week atop the Billboard 200 chart next week. The new Billboard 200 chart's top 10 will be revealed on the morning of Wednesday, Nov. 14.

    Red is a 16-song geyser of willful emotions, Swift's songs grows with her as well. As she ages her songs matures with her.

    Album includes songs entitled,

    1. "State of Grace" - a not typical Taylor at all is what you will see in this song, she was blindsided by love. Lush and dreamy, a drum driven song is what you can expect in "State of Grace".

    2."Red"- this song is a different shade for Taylor, it talks about how impossible it is moving on from a
Anthony Klein

Slideshare's KittyHudgen - Black Hawk Mines: Psy Takes Over the World - 0 views

    There is no doubt that Psy's "Gangnam Style" has taken over the world, it is a Phenomenon! It has been topping the hit charts of every country. Psy's quirky dance moves and the songs upbeat music make the whole world addicted to the song. Although the song is in Korean it is so catchy with its sing-a-long chorus making the whole world sing and dance to it.

    In a span of merely few weeks, Psy (real name Park Jae-Sang), a chubby 34-year-old, made everyone a Gangnam Stylists. South Korean singer has become an overnight international sensation with his bizarre-but-amazing 'Gangnam Style' clip, in which he does a "horse dance" in toilets, saunas, elevators, carparks and even a horse stable. The catchy tune, an endearing, if hopelessly draft, dance became an overnight viral sensation. Instead of feeling aggrieved at his rapid, effortless rise, appearances on the US TV chatshow circuit and myriad copycat routines, they must thank Psybecause he shoved open the door for other Korean pop artists hoping to make it to US market as well.

    Gangnam Style breaks Guiness world book of records, when this viral song smashed a world record, it became the most popular video in YouTube history. The singer was presented with a certificate by Guinness World Records in London on Thursday for the achievement.

    Singer even signed with Justine Bieber's manager. Racking up nearly 48 million Youtube streams Psy beats up Justine Bieber's "As Long as You Love me" to number 1 on the US iTunes chart, and spawning internet cover versions and flash mobs, this surprise Korean singer because he didn't think that the song would be a smash. English speaking listeners handled the song very passionately even though the lyrics contain only one English line "Hey, sexy lady!"

    Gangnam is a hipster district in South Korea's capital city, Seoul. Here is part of the song translated in English: "Girls, your big brother is Gangnam Style".
    A girl who loo
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