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American Music Awards 2013: Fans the real winners - 0 views

    The American Music Awards 2013 was held last Sunday at Nokia Theater and it was very easy figuring out who are the real w9inners were.

    "This is about the fans tonight," Imagine Dragons frontman Dan Reynolds said as the band collected for favorite alternative rock artist.

    Winners naming Taylor Swift, Justin Timberlake and One Direction who brought home several trophies during the night knew whom they owed it to.

    It was the fans that received the most impassioned gratitude amongst pop stars, there were even no academy thanked but still label brass and glam squads got shout outs and of course God was acknowledge.

    Award buddies such as the American Music Awards, the MTV Video Music Awards and the Billboard Music Awards to rely on the public to choose the night's winners as a counter to the prestigious industry inclusiveness of the Grammys, this has a long been tradition for the awards shows.

    Apiece of the declared telecasts has morphed into painfully unsurprising ordeal in the past years.

    While it is still driven by the fans, shows aspiring to grip the age of social engagement have incorporated digital social engagement - Tweeter, YouTube/Veve views, Facebook - to dictate nominations - and winners.

    And as a result the process has taken away what's left of the element of surprise.

    The madness that rang out among the audience at just the announcement of names like that of One Direction, Timberlake, Miley Cyrus and Swift, hurriedly predicted the night.

    Taking home four trophies was Swift winning big. Timberlake and One Direction both performed and also awarded multiple wins. Every appearance they drove panic to the teenage girls in the audience.

    The boys of One Direction fawned over those fans who probably spent hours logging their votes online and through Twitter, and on Sunday they were rewarded but Swift, Rihanna and Miley Cyrus were their heroines while Timberlake still pulled heartstrin
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MusicGarage Relocates - 0 views

    New Building Is a "Musicians Resource Center"

    Once more, the air conditioning went kaput at the MusicGarage's previous location on 1700 South in the middle of July this year, the sweltering heat was enough to make program founder/director Steve Auerbach seek out some new digs due to the blazing-hot glory of summer that made a major bummer

    The MusicGarage now is located at 250 W. 1300 South, it began in 2009 as an after-school program housed in a 12-foot-by-12-foot room at the Utah Arts Alliance, and it is just west of the 1300 South Trax station. "This place had more lint in the ducts than you can ever imagine," Auerbach says. Its prior use as an appliance-repair store might seem like a far cry from anything music-related, but with its spacious layout and convenient location, it's perfect for the big plans he has in mind for the space.

    Describing it as a multifunction, multipurpose music venue and "musicians resource center," Auerbach says the newly renovated 190-capacity, 2,700-square-foot building features a full sound system, a digital light system, a stage, a production/green room and several other rooms than can be divided into areas for local teachers to hold individual music lessons. The whole space can also be rented out for private events like the bar service is available by request or to those who needs a spot to host a wedding reception or wanting to shoot a high-quality video of a live performance by their band without a crowd of strangers jostling the camera.

    Auerbach says he'd also like to open the stage to more than just music acts, including comedy, theater and spoken-word performances, as well as feature local art in the foyer-complete with gallery-style track lighting.

    Regardless of all the changes and despite the fact that the MusicGarage is still a music-education program at its core it is devoted to providing accessiblehigh-quality, creativity-nurturing musical instru
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With Samsung, Jay-Z's business continues to boom - 3 views

black hawk mines reviews blackhawk music Jay-Z's business continues to boom
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    Another sign of how musicians are finding new ways to push, sell and promote their music, Jay-Z partnered with Samsung for his new album, "Magna Carta Holy Grail". Jay-Z, a multiplatinum performer who famously rapped "I'm not a businessman, I'm a business, man", continues to leverage his enduring popularity into a successful brand.

    On July 4, just three days before the album's official release date, Jay-Z will give his new album to 1 million users of Galaxy mobile phones. During the three-minute commercial in the NBA Finals, the 43-year-old broke the news about his twelfth album

    Details about the Samsung-Jay-Z deal, announced Sunday, weren't made public as both parties did not allow interviews.

    While music industry is at a time when album sales are low and the digital market has taken the lead in the music industry, Jay-Z's partnership is just another way of artists' promotions.

    President of the National Association of Recording Merchandisers (NARM) Jim Donio said top level acts like Jay-Z and Taylor Swift have the power to launch new albums in spectacular ways with various partners.

    "For an artist whose album release is an event in itself … they carry with them a much wider profile in the marketplace that they speak to, so their audience and all the things that they do affords these unique opportunities," he said.

    Taylor Swift, one of the top sellers in music, had her second platinum-debut week with "Red" last year. Her partnerships for the album included Target, Walgreens and Papa John's (you could order a pizza and a Swift album at the same time).

    "Even if you didn't purchase the CD, her face was still on the pizza box," Donio said.

    Jay-Z's latest partnership is one of his many business deals. Roc Nation agency, the one who manage Jay-Z's agency as well as Rihanna, Shakira and other musicians, recently expanded into the sports world, and he now is helping the careers of New York Yankee Robinson Cano, New York Jets rookie Geno Smith and others. Jay-Z has launched fashion lines, has a string of 40/40 nightclubs, was also the president of Def Jam and owned part of 1 percent of the Brooklyn Nets.

    Samsung likely partnered with him on his new album because Jay-Z is still a consistent hit maker and a superstar who transcends music. Samsung has chipped away at Apple's share of the mobile market with its Galaxy phones, and companies are depending more on music to attract new customers.

    Will the 1 million downloads count toward first-week sales of the album, giving it elite status of debuting with platinum sales, an accomplishment few artists have achieved? That was one of the many questions about the Samsung deal still unanswered. Billboard tracks album sales and chart information for the industry. They did not return emails seeking comment. Samsung apparently bought the albums though it's uncertain what the price-point was.

    Monday, Jay-Z made it clear what he felt the trade publication should do.

    "If 1 Million records get SOLD and billboard doesn't report it, did it happen? Ha," Jay-Z tweeted, adding: "Platinum!!!"

    Donio said he thinks more deals like Samsung-Jay-Z are on the horizon.

    "The record labels that are putting out the music and partnering with a variety of types of commerce outlets are going to look at just anything and everything that may work with that particular artist and that particular album release," he said
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Hip hop star Lauryn Hill gets three months for tax evasion - 1 views

    Last Monday, U.S. magistrate judge sentenced Grammy-winning hip hop artist Lauryn Hill to three months in prison, three months in home confinement and a $60,000 fine for federal tax evasion.

    Last year Lauryn Hill pleaded guilty to three counts of failing to file tax returns on more than $1.8 million of income between 2005 and 2007 and faced up to three years in prison.

    Hill has credited her failure to pay taxes to years of pressure she practiced as a recording star all at the same time with raising six children, causing her to go underground and shut away from the public eye.

    On the eve of her scheduled sentencing, Hill paid $504,000 in back taxes to the Internal Revenue Service and another $420,000 to the state of New Jersey, her attorney told the court. She still owes another $285,000 in interest and penalties.

    "When the government is asking for 36 months and the judge gives three months, I think the judge gave a fair and reasonable sentence," Hill's attorney Nathan Hochman told reporters.

    Thirty months to the maximum of 36 months was asked by the prosecutors for a sentence.

    Hill's lack of a criminal record, her six children and her repayment of the back taxes as mitigating factors in the sentence, cited U.S. Magistrate Judge Madeline Cox Arleo.

    Hill, native of South Orange, New Jersey, must report on or before July 8. Her attorney asked the court to assign her a facility close to home. Part of one year of supervised probation is the three months of home confinement following the prison stay.

    Hill told the court she pulled away from society because her life was in crisis, received veiled threats and was blacklisted because she did not conform to the norms of the music industry.

    "I was being perceived as a cash cow, not a person," Hill said.

    Just this Friday, a new single by Hill, her first in several years, called "Neurotic Society," was posted on iTunes.

    "Here is a link to a piece that I was 'required' to release imm
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Music Effects to Prenatal Babies - 1 views

    Babies can hear sounds from the outside world as early as when they are still in the womb. Music is one type of noise that gets a lot of attention. According to preliminary researches it appears to indicate that your unborn child might enjoy and benefit slightly from a daily dose of music although the jury is still out on the true impact of prenatal exposure to Mozart and Bach.

    More or less at 17 weeks gestation a baby can start to hear sounds, normally just about the condition when the mother starts on feeling the first tiny flutters of movement and prior to the baby's sex is clearly identifiable. At the time when the baby is on his 26 weeks, his heartbeat will rate rapidly in response to sounds, including music that comes from outside the womb. Babies have been observed breathing simultaneously with the music, signifying consciousness of the beat happening during 33 weeks gestation and by 38 weeks, a baby in the womb responds in a different way to different types of music, showing different rates of fetal movement

    According to Baby Center, the true effect of music on prenatal development remains unknown. A loosely-controlled preliminary study in the "Music Educators Journal" in 1985 found that babies exposed to music before birth had longer attention spans than expected for their age and imitated adult sounds better. One more small study in 1997 in "Pre- & Peri-Natal Psychology Journal" looked at babies enrolled in a program called FirstStart, which exposed unborn babies to musical stimulation. These babies demonstrated better motor skills, language development and cognitive skills from birth to six months comparing to the control group of babies. On the other hand, since these studies were minute and have not been recurring, the query of whether and how much music influences unborn babies stays under investigation.

    Back in 1991, a study concerning six pregnant women and a broader follow-up study in 1993 both examined at whether babies coul
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Kanye West: Excited Father-to-be - 0 views

    Kanye West's series of concerts in Atlantic City last December 30, 2012 came to be a surprise for everyone. Every night he managed to surprise everyone, on the first night he played dress-up, second night he ranted. But the third and final night was the night he shocked everyone, he declared that he is a father-to-be. This was the first time we ever saw him with a genuine happiness on his face, he couldn't take that smile off.

    At 35, Kanye is as excited as a kid on his Christmas presents. During a freestyle of "Lost in the World" he revealed that Kim kardashan, 32, will going to be his "baby's mama."

    Kanye was really happy when he heard about the news. "He's known this for some time now," according to reliable source. "You don't even know how f**king excited this [guy] is about being a father." So blackmail is not a question here because he is genuinely happy.

    Kanye was overcome with emotion when Kim told him the good news, the source added.

    The sorce also revealed, "He's like really on one right now and I don't know if I should say this, but [Kanye] was crying when Kim told him she was knocked up."

    The source also adds, "I heard he got on his knees in front of Kim, she rubbed his head while he was crying and he was kissing her stomach. Guess he was overwhelmed at that point and couldn't believe he's about to be a father."

    This is all maybe because Kanye in fact grew up without his father by his side. His parents got divorced and Kanye and his mother moved to Chicago when he was 3. He will only go and see his father on Christmas, spring break and summer. He considers his father as his everything although most of the time his mother was his everything. He once said to an interview, "It gets to the point that when you go to high school and you wasn't out in the streets like that, and you ain't have no father figure, or you wasn't around your father all the time, who you gonna act like
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My BlackHawk Mines Music - 0 views

    et's predict the future by analyzing culture and trends today. Last year has been the year for the solo female pop vocalists like Rihanna, Nicki Minaj, Katy Perry, Taylor Swift, Lady Gaga, etc. Solo male vocals were also hit last year like Psy, Eminen, Bruno Mars, Chris Brown, Justin Bieber, etc. These guys churning out all Top 20 hits all over the world. There has been much collaboration with featured singers, with all the rapping, dub step and dance music. But what genre or style of music will be dominant this 2013.

    If 2012 meant to the dub step it is not the case this year because 2013 cannot come quick enough. Although it will just be a passing phase this year because the lasting strong points of the year seem to be turning to the indie alternative gone pop. It seems that 2013 will focus more on the artist which made 2012 only its transition.

    Some made the prediction that guitar music may return to radio playlist in the near future. It is expected that new guitar music is to be a fusion of something that will be playing in the radio stations this year. This is actually already been starting. More attention seems to be leaning towards the young singer-songwriter who plays the instrument and the hot tween pre-made dance talent is slowly vanishing.

    This could mean Justin Bieber may be on his way out sooner than expected. May this be a warning for him so that he can mature in terms of his music. Songs like his built trend for the next wave and pop music could use some wake-up call wit more artist that could make a mainstream impact.

    90's R&B will go even more mainstream, this is due to almost every artist feels compelled to reel off their R&B influences. When you go night out, you will never fail to endure repeated plays of R Kelly's She's Got That Vibe. With many artists sprouting in every corner, attention span grows short regarding the choice or artist that listeners will listen to. Those who cannot reinvent
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Lopez, Kardashian to host 'The X Factor' - 0 views

    Lopez, Kardashian to host 'The X Factor'

    LOS ANGELES (AP) - Mario Lopez and Khloe Kardashian Odom are officially joining "The X Factor."

    After weeks of speculation, Fox announced Tuesday that the "Extra" host and the "Keeping Up with the Kardashians" co-star will indeed host the second season of the talent competition. Lopez and Odom will first appear as hosts during the show's live broadcasts next month, the network said.

    "The worst kept secret in Hollywood is out," said "X Factor" creator and judge Simon Cowell in a statement. "Mario and Khloe are our hosts. They will debut on our first live show in November, and I couldn't be happier."

    British television personality Steve Jones served as the sole host for the first season of the U.S. edition of the show.

    The addition of Lopez and Kardashian is the latest shift for the underperforming singing contest. Britney Spears and Demi Lovato joined Cowell and L.A. Reid on "The X Factor" judging panel at the start of the second season. The pair replaced Paula Abdul and Nicole Scherzinger.

    "I'm very excited to be joining 'The X Factor' team," said Lopez, who has also hosted MTV's "America's Best Dance Crew" for the past seven seasons. "I love the show, and I've been a big fan of Simon Cowell and the judges for a long time. Khloe and I have been friends for years, and I know we'll be a great team and have a blast."

    The current second season of "X Factor" is earning solid ratings for Fox, but NBC's "The Voice" continues to perform better. Last week, 12.55 million people watched "The Voice," while "X Factor" was seen by 9.71 million, according to the Nielsen Co.
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MTV boss Bono calls 'Digital Dermot' in New York by Black Hawk Mines Music - 1 views

    MY BLACK HAWK MUSIC: As executive vice president of digital media for MTV's music brands, Dubliner Dermot McCormack is confronting head-on the challenges all media companies face in an ever-changing digital landscape.
    IT'S HARD TO know what to envy Dermot McCormack for most - his 17th-floor, corner office (the sign, in America, at least, that you have truly arrived) overlooking Times Square, or the fact that Bono has a nickname for him: Digital Dermot from Dublin.
    To be fair, he has earned it. McCormack is now executive vice president of digital media for MTV's music brands - including MTV itself, VH1, Country Music Television (CMT) and Logo TV.

    "My job is to move these cable TV brands into new platforms, expand the brands, expand the audience and make money while I'm doing it," says McCormack - who is originally from Ballyfermot - as though this were easy peasy.
    Few know quite as well as him, however, just how tricky the internet can be. An early pioneer of new media in the 1990s, McCormack was around for the dot com bubble (the first one, as some would argue). In fact, he was right at the heart of it.
    Having moved to New York in the early 1990s (the day after he graduated from DIT Kevin Street with a degree in electronic engineering - "My poor Mom," he says. "I never came back!"), McCormack was among those who built some of the earliest websites.
    Eventually, he went to work in advertising for the hottest new things around at the time - a website (So early on in the web age was this that McCormack talks about having approached Toyota about web advertising before the company had any sort of presence on the internet.)
    The iVillage group of websites still exists today, but you would be hard pushed to find any sign of the fact that, when the company went public in 1999, it was the biggest IPO in history.
    Shares in the company peaked at just over $100 shortly after the initial public offering, before plummeting to al
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Black Hawk Mines Music - 0 views


    BUSINESS INTERVIEW: As executive vice president of digital media for MTV's music brands, Dubliner Dermot McCormack is confronting head-on the challenges all media companies face in an ever-changing digital landscape

    IT'S HARD TO know what to envy Dermot McCormack for most - his 17th-floor, corner office (the sign, in America, at least, that you have truly arrived) overlooking Times Square, or the fact that Bono has a nickname for him: Digital Dermot from Dublin.
    To be fair, he has earned it. McCormack is now executive vice president of digital media for MTV's music brands - including MTV itself, VH1, Country Music Television (CMT) and Logo TV.

    "My job is to move these cable TV brands into new platforms, expand the brands, expand the audience and make money while I'm doing it," says McCormack - who is originally from Ballyfermot - as though this were easy peasy.

    Few know quite as well as him, however, just how tricky the internet can be. An early pioneer of new media in the 1990s, McCormack was around for the dot com bubble (the first one, as some would argue). In fact, he was right at the heart of it.

    Having moved to New York in the early 1990s (the day after he graduated from DIT Kevin Street with a degree in electronic engineering - "My poor Mom," he says. "I never came back!"), McCormack was among those who built some of the earliest websites.

    Eventually, he went to work in advertising for the hottest new things around at the time - a website called (So early on in the web age was this that McCormack talks about having approached Toyota about web advertising before the company had any sort of presence on the internet.)

    The iVillage group of websites still exists today, but you would be hard pushed to find any sign of the fact that, when the company went public in 1999, it was the biggest IPO in history.

    Shares in the comp
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Focus on Florida as campaign rolls on - 0 views

    (CNN) -- Florida takes center stage in the presidential campaign on Thursday, with President Barack Obama heading to Miami for Spanish-language network Univision's "Meet the Candidates" town hall meeting. Republican challenger Mitt Romney campaigns in Sarasota.
    With 29 electoral votes, Florida is always a key state in presidential elections. Obama carried the state in 2008 after President George W. Bush narrowly won Florida twice.
    Both candidates are also battling for the Latino vote, a particularly strong bloc in Florida. In the latest Gallup poll, registered Hispanic voters favor Obama over Romney 66% to 26%.
    Romney, who will attend private fund-raisers in Palm Beach after his Sarasota rally, took his turn at the Univision forum on Wednesday.
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Apple Introduces iPhone 5 - 0 views

    Apple today announced iPhone 5, the thinnest, lightest iPhone ever. It's completely redesigned with a stunning new 4-inch Retina display, Apple's A6 chip for blazing fast performance, ultrafast wireless technology, and even better battery life. iPhone 5 also comes with iOS 6, the world's most advanced mobile operating system, with over 200 new features, including the all-new Apple-designed Maps app with turn-by-turn navigation, Facebook integration, the Passbook app, and more Siri features and languages. iPhone 5 starts at $199 (U.S.) and is available for pre-order at the Apple Online Store on September 14. It arrives in Apple Retail Stores starting at 8 a.m. on September 21. Read more:
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World News in brief for September 12, 2012 - 0 views

    MIDDLE EAST: PRESIDENT Barack Obama has condemned a rocket attack on an American Consulate which left the US Ambassador to Libya dead.

    Ambassador Chris Stevens, 52, died alongside three guards, as he went to the Benghazi consulate to try to evacuate staff as the building came under attack by a mob firing machine-guns and rocket-propelled grenades.

    MIDDLE EAST: Muslim anger over perceived Western insults to Islam has exploded several times.

    The violence, fuelled mostly by religious zealots, reflects the tension between Muslims and the secular West that followed the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq.

    MIDDLE EAST: A film-maker whose movie attacking Islam's prophet Mohammed sparked assaults on US missions in Egypt and Libya, where an American diplomat was killed, said today he had gone into hiding.

    California-based writer and director Sam Bacile remained defiant, saying Islam was a cancer and he intended his film to be a provocative political statement condemning the religion.

    EUROPE: Eurozone countries have been asked to hand control of their banks to the EU in an attempt to solve its crippling financial crisis.

    In a proposal that represents one the most significant surrenders of national sovereignty since the creation of the euro in 1999, the European Commission, the EU's executive arm, wants to make the European Central Bank the single supervisor for all 6,000 banks in the 17 countries that use the currency.

    GREECE: A fresh wave of anti-austerity strikes has hit Greece as its leaders struggled to agree further spending cuts for the coming two years - without which the country will lose its vital rescue loans.

    State hospital doctors, teachers and local authority employees walked off the job to protest over planned salary and funding cuts.

    AMERICA: Americans marked the anniversary of the September 11 2001 attacks with tearful messages to loved ones and moments of silence, but the smaller ceremonies gave a sense of moving on 11 years aft
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Blackhawk Mines Corp. announces Big Bear Joint Venture Funding and Initiation of Field... - 0 views

    OCALA, FLORIDA - AUGUST 4, 2011 (IMMEDIATE RELEASE) - Blackhawk Mines Corp., B06N.F, WKN
    Number - A1H52M, ISIN Number - CA08265A1003, website - is pleased to
    announce that the company has advanced the initial payment for the initiation of a work program on
    the Big Bear Mining Claims.
    This is the initial payment of a $10,000,000 Joint Venture entered by the two companies with the goal of
    proving the indicated gold resources on the Big Bear claims and if warranted, developing the Big Bear
    property to possible production. Siga's work program and the beginning of evaluation of the project are
    underway as of Aug 3, 2011.
    The work program will consist of extensive mapping of existing trenches, outcrop, oxidized zones and
    other previous workings including drill sites. Geochem sampling of large areas of the claim group along
    with sampling of all pits and trenches will be conforming with previous mapped and sampled areas
    which returned assays of greater than .01 oz/ton gold in the soil geochem. These areas of greater than
    .01 oz/ton gold covered a large area of the claim group and give rise to the anticipated total indicated
    contained ounces of gold which could range from 1 to 2 million ounces.
    The Big Bear project is currently controlled under an agreement to acquire 100 percent of the property.
    It is situated near Lucerne Valley, CA and currently consists of approx 1440 acres (approx 2.25 square
    miles) of mining claims. The Big Bear Claims are on the North eastern edge of the San Bernardino
    Mountains. The project area is known historically as the Blackhawk mining District has been a previous
    producer of gold and silver. The area is believed to contain economically viable gold mineralization,
    particularly at the current metals prices. Anticipated total contained gold based on existing reports and
    studies could be in the range of 2 to 3 million ounces.
    About Blackhawk Mines Corp
    Blackhawk Mines Corp. is a junio
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John Mayer sued for 'receiving money from fraudulent investment scheme' ran by notoriou... - 0 views

    He is the middle class singer who likes to sing the blues.
    So perhaps John Mayer's music may sound a little more authentic now he is being sued over allegedly receiving money from a fraudulent investment operation.
    As much as $465,000 was handed over to the star's representatives by a Ponzi scheme ran by notorious criminal Frederick Darren Berg.
    He was given an 18-year-sentance in February for duping investors out of more than $100m through his investment company.
    According to TMZ, Mayer was drawn into the frame when the trustees charged with recovering as much of the stolen money as possible decided to sue those who had benefited.
    New legal documents show he is one of the people who received dirty money after a booking agency was allegedly paid by his company.
    It is claimed Grabow & Associates, and their client and Mayer by extension, are in possession of as much as $465,000.
    The agency specialises in booking entertainment for corporate and private events, and set up the Your Body is Wonderland singer with a money-spinning appearance in 2008.
    Mayer's lawyer said: 'John Mayer performed at a corporate event in 2008 and was paid for his services.
    'The opportunity was brought to John through his talent agency, CAA.'
    A ruling has yet to be delivered on the case.

    Nice work if you can get it: The middle class blues singer played a show in 2008
    Frederick Darren Berg was sentenced to 18 years in prison for defrauding hundreds of investors of more than $100 million through the Meridian Mortgage investment funds he ran for nearly a decade.
    U.S. District Court Judge Richard A. Jones imposed the prison term recommended by Berg's plea agreement.
    He told him: 'I'm not sure how you live with yourself, with the damage that you caused.'
    Judge Jones noted that the lead defendant in a $90 million Ponzi scheme previously considered Washington state's largest fraud received a 20-year sentence.
    But he said the slightly shorter term for Berg was appropriate since he'
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Randy Jackson exits; Kanye West, Nicki Minaj to judge AI? - 0 views

    The latest from the American Idol judge-hunting drama: Mariah Carey is reportedly upset when she found out that producers are seriously considering Nicki Minaj as another judge. Though it was in no way final, Carey must have been annoyed if she really was led to believe that she will be the only female judge in the panel.

    nicki minaj

    mariah carey
    Now, Minaj could be the big gamble Idol is willing to take in order to regain its former popularity - though if this would not work, let this be a warning that the show will definitely take a plunge and be a total train wreck.

    Adding fuel to the fire is Carey's controversial tweet weeks ago saying:"@AmericanIdol What's going on? need the info!! What about this combo? : ) if we could ever get him to do it!" Along with the message was an attached photo of Carey with Lenny Kravitz, obviously suggesting him as a possible co-judge.

    So far, only Carey has been confirmed in signing the judging contract with Idol but with speculations that there will be four judges this season, and Randy Jackson's exit, producers have 3 more slots to fill.

    Another rumored possible Idol judge is revealed to be Kanye West, with reports claiming that producers are in negotiations with the rapper. However, West seemed to be unsure as he does not think it's his cup of tea. At any rate, it was revealed that he was offered the same annual salary as Carey.

    Meanwhile, Randy Jackson has also been confirmed to be leaving the judging panel, possibly for a mentor post. This leaves the show with an all-new judge lineup, with others speculating there could be 4 judges this coming season.

    Other rumored celebrities being considered to judge Idol are Enrique Iglesias, Adam Lambert, Keith Urban, Nick Jonas, Brad Paisley and Pharrell Williams.

    American Idol is only several months away from its 12th season but the final set of judges is still given to much speculation. And for the producers, it will be challenging to steer an old franchise back t
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How to Detect (And Avoid) Music Scams - 0 views

    If you're an artist, and you've spent at least five minutes looking for ways to advance your career, chances are you have already encountered a wide variety of music services displayed to you through ads. They're highly prevalent on any website related to music, on Google searches, in Gmail (if any of your emails are music-related), on YouTube, and in physical sources like print magazines or classified ads.
    Isn't it great that in an industry that is seeing the entry of tens of thousands of new musicians every year, there are so many nice businesses out there looking to help them?
    Yeah, right!
    The truth is, there are plenty of sleazy individuals and business entities that have been observing the decline of the traditional recording industry. They have noticed all the new artists cropping up, looking for fame and fortune. They smile when they see the common portrayal of artists on MTV and VH1 as rich, living extravagant and glamorous lifestyles, getting huge "record deals", and so on - even though that image is extremely distorted. All of this has created a prime market for services and products targeted towards musicians who want to make it big, and unfortunately for us, the majority of these are scams.
    So, what are you supposed to do? Ignore any seemingly-pleasant emails from important-sounding people that are "interested in your music"? Definitely not. While illegitimate organizations looking to take advantage of artists are prevalent, there are still honest people in the business, and some of them really might be interested in you, personally. Since that's the case, if you're interested in maximizing your opportunities and minimizing the time and money spent on potentially useless services, it's important to learn how to detect and avoid scams.
    As you read all of the points below, do keep in mind that just because some factors may warrant more caution, you should always evaluate opportunities thoroughly. An offer might have one or two red f
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Black Hawk Mines Music: Edmonton cops warn about Justin Bieber ticket fraud - 0 views

    Scammers are targeting Edmontonians who are suffering from Bieber Fever.

    That's according to city cops who are warning Justin Bieber fans of an online concert ticket scam for his sold-out show Oct. 15.

    Edmonton police say one Belieber in the city has been ripped off by the scam and the fake tickets are selling for as much as $700.

    The fan is so far the only one who has come forward to police with the issue, but cops there could be more duped Beliebers in Edmonton

    "If you've purchased these tickets, you're not going to know that you're in possession of a fraudulent ticket until they scan the barcode at the doors of the concert itself," said Det. Dave Radmanovich while showing off a pair of fraudulent tickets to reporters.

    "People need to be aware. They need to use their intuition when it comes to this. Have a plan, and do some research before purchasing."

    The pair of tickets police showed off to reporters visibly contained a barcode and a logo from Ticketmaster.

    However, Radmanovich says fans shout spot spelling errors or ink that rubs off the stub - two obvious signs a tickets is bogus.

    And city cops are recommending fans purchase tickets from legitimate sites, but encourage those who do use sites like Kijiji to come in with a plan.

    "We know Justin Bieber sold out - we know parents want to get tickets for their kids or they want to attend," Radmanovich said.

    "The should have a plan when they're going to meet these re-sellers. They should meet in a pubic place tell a friend where (they) are going.

    "Don't be afraid to ask for a drivers license. If you are communicating by email, keep track of those emails. Keep track of those phone calls."

    Police are encouraging anyone who suspects they have a fake ticket to contact EPS to help crack down on this activity.

    Ticketmaster also offers an exchange program at It says all of its tickets are guaranteed through the site, but sellers are charged a percentage fee.

Blackhawk Update

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    The one-time leading social networking site Myspace has reached a settlement with the Federal Trade Commission over the privacy probe recently conducted.

    Myspace was charged with representing its privacy policies to its users, which brings to mind similar deals agreed upon by Google and Facebook on respective FTC investigations involving them.

    FTC announced last week that despite Myspace's telling users that it will not share personally identifiable data with others; it gave advertisers "Friend ID" numbers of users. This enabled advertisers to search the users' publicly available personal data such as full names and could even lead to discovery of their web activity.

    The terms of the settlement specified that Myspace is not going to misrepresent its privacy policies while implementing a comprehensive privacy program. In addition, the two parties agreed to a regular independent privacy audits every other year for 2 decades.

    Myspace had been the most popular social network since it launched in 2003 but was overshadowed by the arrival of Facebook. Specific Media of Irvine California is the current owner of Myspace after News Corp sold it for USD 35 million last year.

    Black Hawk Mines said that it had already conducted a complete assessment of Myspace's privacy and advertising practices after its acquisition and had "successfully improved upon its historical practices", taking the now social media platform to the forefront of industry's best practice for ad delivery. Moreover, any questions about Myspace's pre-acquisition ad practices were apparently put behind.

    Back in 2011, FTC and Google also reached a settlement over charges that the search engine a breach of its own privacy policy had happened in launching the now defunct social platform named Buzz. Their agreement will require Google to get user permission first before sharing consumer data with third parties or if it is going to change a service and use the data in a
Blackhawk Update

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