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BBC News - Time zones: Complexity of time zones explained - 6 views

    Do you understand how time zones work around the world and when exactly you need to move your watch forward or back? Me neither. BBC News provides a brief history of time zones via interactive globe.
    Theoretically, the world should be divide into 24 equal time zones, in which each zone differs from the last by one hour. But as the years have passed, the world has turned into a much more complicated place. Time zones are now much more irregular and sometimes seem positively eccentric, affected as they are by political, geographical and social changes in the real world.
    Rotate the globe to see where each time zone lands. Some of the zones seem relatively straight, but even in some areas like the GMT-2 time zone, there's some crookedness. There must be some small islands there or something. It's either that or the Royal Observatory is fond of puzzles. No, there aren't any other options.
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Mapping the 2010 U.S. Census - - 1 views

    Browse population growth and decline, changes in racial and ethnic concentrations and patterns of housing development

    You've seen population changes at the state and county level, but with Census data, you can zoom in all the way to the block level. Stephen Von Worley breaks it down.
    Nationwide, one feature stands out: the bumper crop of fresh suburbs that ring almost every metropolitan area. Where did all of these people come from? A zoom into the Midwest suggests the answer. The new tract developments appear to be sucking the life out the older neighborhoods, which bear the scarlet tints of waning population
    Colors range from red, indicating a complete emptying of the block, to blue, indicating a double in population since 2000. Gray means no change. So as your browse through each city, you notice a lot of blue rings with red in the city centers.
    Above shows the growth in Detroit. Below, the map for Las Vegas, the ring is even more obvious.
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Cell Size and Scale - 1 views

    zoom into the infite small..
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