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George Columbow

Lessons | Learning and Loving Music Theory - 9 views

  • Home Lessons The Elements of Music Music Notatation Musical Scales Musical Intervals Rhythm and Meter Harmony Resources Materials of Music Harmonic Progressions Notes Subscribe About Contact ? Lessons The Elements of Music Surviving the Elements of Music Pitch: The Sound of Music Melody, Harmony and Outer Space! It’s About (Musical) Time! Texture: Your Musical Fiber A Dynamic Musician Color, Form, and Style in Music Music Notation Music Lovers, Take Note! In Music, Accidentals Happen Major Scales Meet Major Scales! Major Musical Monuments Who Really Understands Enharmonics? Key Signatures How to Learn Key Signatures Musical Intervals Meet Your New Friends: Musical Intervals Perfect Intervals: The Quality of Your Musical Life How to Learn Major and Minor Musical Intervals Learning Musical Intervals: The Finale! <scrip
  • Chromatic Harmony
noreal tropic

Welcome - SoundCloud - 1 views

    soundcloud lets you upload,download,share music easily! it's like a artists social networking site. awesome!
George Columbow

AP Music Theory Resources - Course-Notes.Org - 1 views

    * Basic Harmony * Basic Musical Forms * Graphic Review of Basic 7th chords * Graphic Review of Basic Triads * Graphic Review of Chord Inversions & Figured Bass * Graphic Review of Circle of 5ths (Major Key Signatures) * Graphic Review of Common Major Scales * Intervals * Key Signatures * Meter and Time Signature * Minor Scales and Keys * Minuet and Trio Form * Music Theory Content and Multimedia Uploads * Rondo and Sonata-Rondo Form * Scales * Sonata Form * Theme & Variations Form * Triads and Chords

New Year Musical Lollipop - 0 views

    It's time to send a new trend gift in the new year! Forget about the normal chocolates and candies! Go chic with our musical new year lollipop. It's the first lollipop to integrate people's taste sense and auditory sense and associate the eating action with the listening action. Through ingenious design, the music has a taste and the taste has a melody. In meantime, our new year candy carries the new year blessing and bring to user a magical and wonderful experience. Lavoli musical lollipop is convenient to establish contact, convey blessing, joy, happiness for better expression of personal emotion. At the end of the year, get a Lavoli and covey the blessing with your own voice! Application Of New Year Musical Lollipop Lavioli new year lollipop is an exclusive custom gift. Recording your blessings or songs and send to your friend, lover, or family. They can clearly hear the voice, and songs, which is a new magical experience. Due to the bone conduction technology, the voice will not be played out; instead, only the users of the new year lollipops can hear it that will not disturb others. Lavoli products are simple and easy to use, only one switch button play/pause, conveniently uploading and downloading songs. We take personalized new year musical lollipop lavoli, customers can customize their own new year lollipop with different flavors, shapes, colors, and package. Packaging Of New Year Musical Lollipop Lavoli provides new year lollipop gift boxes and we are also able to provide a customized gift package with your own logo.
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