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Timothy Ross

Musician Tutorials: Content / Songwriting / Songwriting - Part 1 - 4 views

  • by Tom Hess {PDF=create pdf file of the content item^plugin:content.123}
  • by Tom Hess
  • Begin with Melody first
  • ...12 more annotations...
  • This is very important because vocal melodies need to have room for a singer to breathe and you must also consider the pitch range - a singer's pitch range is more narrow than most instruments.
  • center (key) to begin with. You don't have to stay in that key for the entire song, but it is wise to at least begin in a single key.
  • Choose a tonal
  • Begin with Chords and Melody at the same time
  • I like this one a lot. Begin with a single chord and a melody note or phrase, as you add on the next chord and more melodic notes, write them together. Experiment by changing the chord but not the melodic phrase. Experiment by changing the melodic phrase but not the chord
  • . Force yourself to disallow any of your favorite rhythmic patterns to creep into your new song idea
  • If you are thinking about dynamics while composing each part of the song, you are already ahead of the game.
  • - The variety of instruments you use, and the sounds you get out of those instruments brings color to you music.
  • Begin with Texture first
  • - The density of sound and timbre may influence the types of melodies you compose. Consider how the density of texture may change from section to section.
  • Begin with Form firs
  • Starting here can do wonders to keep you out of trouble (musically speaking). When you don't think about the form (arrangement of the parts of a song) early on in the writing process, it is easy to paint yourself in a corner late
George Columbow

Lessons | Learning and Loving Music Theory - 9 views

  • Home Lessons The Elements of Music Music Notatation Musical Scales Musical Intervals Rhythm and Meter Harmony Resources Materials of Music Harmonic Progressions Notes Subscribe About Contact ? Lessons The Elements of Music Surviving the Elements of Music Pitch: The Sound of Music Melody, Harmony and Outer Space! It’s About (Musical) Time! Texture: Your Musical Fiber A Dynamic Musician Color, Form, and Style in Music Music Notation Music Lovers, Take Note! In Music, Accidentals Happen Major Scales Meet Major Scales! Major Musical Monuments Who Really Understands Enharmonics? Key Signatures How to Learn Key Signatures Musical Intervals Meet Your New Friends: Musical Intervals Perfect Intervals: The Quality of Your Musical Life How to Learn Major and Minor Musical Intervals Learning Musical Intervals: The Finale! <scrip
  • Chromatic Harmony
George Columbow

Music Composition Techniques & Tips - 0 views

    Short tutorials: Melody - writing melodies Song Structures Music Arranging Becoming a composer Tuition in composing
George Columbow

Introduction to Jazz Music Theory - Course - 3 views

    1 / the silent architecture of our music the organic source of our 12 pitches, how we tune our instruments 2 / loops of pitches the perfect closure of equal temper tuning 3 / groups of pitches the initial process of selecting pitches to create melody 4 / major / minor tonality the two core colors of equal temper 5 / evolution of scales organically evolving and organizing of our melodic resources 6 / evolving scales into arpeggios the theory how scales become arpeggios 7 / evolving arpeggios into chords the theory of how arpeggios become chords 8 / rhythm cool ideas about musical time, its subdivision and notation 9 / highlights of the history of music seven highlights to begin one's study of music history 10 / composing practical ideas for putting one's ideas into music 11 / how to practice ... something you don't know how to play
George Columbow

Schillinger System - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia - 5 views

    The Schillinger System of Musical Composition, named after Joseph Schillinger, is a method of musical composition based on mathematical processes. It comprises theories of rhythm, harmony, melody, counterpoint, form, and semantics (emotional meaning, as in movie music).

Tori Kelly Most Popular Songs: An Unforgettable Melodic Journey Ranked (2023) - - 0 views

    If you're a fan of soulful melodies and powerful vocals, chances are you've already heard of Tori Kelly Most Popular Songs. This gifted singer-songwriter has taken the music world by storm, captivating audiences with her unique blend of pop, R&B, and soul. In this article, we'll explore Tori Kelly's most popular songs that have left an indelible mark on the hearts of millions worldwide.
George Columbow | Dynamic - 0 views

    This tool allows the creation of melodic lines with independent pitches and rhythms selected with weighted randomness. The tool interface permits the creation of Parts A through E. Each Part may consist of up to eight pitches and rhythms. Rhythms and pitches are independently selected at random based on their weight, where larger weights are more likely to be selected. Each Part has an independent BPM tempo and GM MIDI instrument. A MIDI file is created after configuring the interface and pressing the Submit button below. Downloading will begin immediately. This interface will not be updated after downloading is complete: be sure to check your browser's download directory.

New Year Musical Lollipop - 0 views

    It's time to send a new trend gift in the new year! Forget about the normal chocolates and candies! Go chic with our musical new year lollipop. It's the first lollipop to integrate people's taste sense and auditory sense and associate the eating action with the listening action. Through ingenious design, the music has a taste and the taste has a melody. In meantime, our new year candy carries the new year blessing and bring to user a magical and wonderful experience. Lavoli musical lollipop is convenient to establish contact, convey blessing, joy, happiness for better expression of personal emotion. At the end of the year, get a Lavoli and covey the blessing with your own voice! Application Of New Year Musical Lollipop Lavioli new year lollipop is an exclusive custom gift. Recording your blessings or songs and send to your friend, lover, or family. They can clearly hear the voice, and songs, which is a new magical experience. Due to the bone conduction technology, the voice will not be played out; instead, only the users of the new year lollipops can hear it that will not disturb others. Lavoli products are simple and easy to use, only one switch button play/pause, conveniently uploading and downloading songs. We take personalized new year musical lollipop lavoli, customers can customize their own new year lollipop with different flavors, shapes, colors, and package. Packaging Of New Year Musical Lollipop Lavoli provides new year lollipop gift boxes and we are also able to provide a customized gift package with your own logo.

Custom Audio Musical Lollipop - 0 views

    Lavoli Musical Lollipop is the world first digital lollipop. For the first time, the human sense of taste is integrated with the sense of hearing, and the eating action is related to the listening action. Through the ingenious design, the music has a taste, the taste has a melody, and at the same time, it can carry personalized sound blessings and bring users a magic and wonderful experience. The advantage of this digital lollipop is that it can easily customize the audio content. There are many ways to customize the audio content according to the purpose and quantity that the customer needs. Different Purpose, Different Custom Method Customers with bulk purchase requirements can customize audio during the production of custom-shaped lollipops. For customers with small-batch customization needs, you can purchase Enterprise Version. Each product has a Micro SD card inside the Handle. Take out the Micro SD card and replace the files in batches with a card reader to achieve customization. For personal customization requirements, such as when you give a gift to your girlfriend and want to replace the audio file in Lavoli with your love song, you can buy the Personalized Version, and after connecting to the computer, replace the MP3 file in it. Please note that Lavoli currently only supports audio files in MP3 format, please convert your audio files to MP3 format in advance so as to use the music lollipop more smoothly. Different Purpose, Different Custom Method Custom Audio, Custom Package For customers who purchase in large quantities and customized audio content during production, Lavoli supports customizing packaging patterns and even packaging forms. Senior designers will provide exquisite packaging patterns for customers to choose from according to the audio content. For small batch customization, Lavoli packaging generally reserves a labeling position, and customers can print and paste stickers by themselves to achieve the packaging customization.
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