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Music News: Your Favorite Rapper Is A Girl - Here's Why | The Indie Music Press Release... - 0 views

    Get all the latest news about Tamara Bubble. February 07, 2019: Your Favorite Rapper Is A Girl - Here'S Why. Independent (indie) r&b music news on the Indie Music Press Release Board | Discover and keep up with hot new and established independent, underground, unsigned and emerging music artists, bands, producers and labels around the world daily.

NEW NCS Sound & hot Girls for yor Desktop 2021 ***NEW*** - YouTube - 0 views

    learning learning, NEW NCS Sound & hot Girls for yor Desktop 2021, #learning_learning #New_NCS_Sound_&_hot_girls_for_your_desktop_2021 no copyright sounds,sound cloudx,no copyright sound,sound,ncs sound,ncs sounds,safe and sound,new background sound,horror sound quality,top no copyright sounds,top 10 no copyright sounds,best of no copyright sounds,free background horror sound,how to use no copyright sounds,new best of no copyright sounds,different heaven - safe and sound,download karo no copyright sound,how to download no copyright sound,kaise download kare without copyright sound,backsound,background music,music background,

Rema, Selena Gomez - Calm Down | guitar chords lyrics - 0 views

    [Intro] D Dsus2 A D Dsus2 A (Vibez, vibez, vibez), A Another banger. [Chorus] D Baby calm down, calm down, Dsus2 A Girl, this your body e put in my heart for lockdown, for lockdown, oh lockdown,

Creative Lollipop Allows You to Listen to Cultural Relic Explanation When You Eat - 0 views

    1. The special musical lollipop It looks like an ordinary lollipop, but when your lips and teeth touch it lightly, the voice will be transmitted to the ear through oral resonance. The audio guide "lollipop" launched by the National Museum of China is becoming popular. Do you want to try the same musical lollipop? A few days ago, this museum launched this musical lollipop with technological elements. Follow the steps and turn on the switch on the lollipop stick. After the Bluetooth of the mobile phone is successfully paired with the Bluetooth of the lollipop, scan the QR code on the back of the package with your mobile phone. After entering the mini app, you can click on the cultural relic explanation page. When tasting musical lollipops, bite the candy to transmit the sound to your ears, and then you can hear the audio about the cultural relics. It turns out that its innovative highlight is the built-in bone conduction chip in the traditional lollipop. When the lollipop is put in the mouth, it is bitten by the teeth in the mouth, and the sound vibration will be transmitted to the inner ear through the teeth, mandible, etc., thereby triggering the auditory nerve to work, allowing consumers to hear the music in the lollipop, bringing the dual magical experience of taste buds and hearing. 2. Other kinds of musical lollipops It is worth noting that this magical lollipop is not only owned by the National Museum of China, but similar story lollipops have already attracted a lot of fans among children and adults. The story lollipop is mainly based on Andersen's fairy tales. The principle is similar to the lollipop in National Museum of China. Just press the switch on the lollipop, and you can listen to the familiar fairy tales such as The Little Match Girl and The Ugly Duckling while eating the candy. It is worth noting that if you wear the earplugs delivered by the merchant, the sound effect will be better, and it will not be heard by others at all. It can be called
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