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Premium LED Cowboy Hat - 0 views

    Howdy Partner! With our new LED Cowboy Hat you will be the talk of the town. Each hat has rim of feathers and an adjustable drawstring. The front of the hat is decorated with a tiara with Red, Green, and Blue LED lights.

Custom Shape & Favor Musical Lollipop - 0 views

    Custom-shaped lollipops are suitable for a wide range of ages, from young children to the elderly, all are target customers. In order to enrich the variety of choices for children and adults, Lavoli Musical Lollipop specially provides various shapes other than the heart-shaped candy, and we can also support customers with large quantities of orders to customize the shape of the candy. The sugar part has many shapes to choose from. For example, you can choose the custom shapes of cats' paws, heart shape, star shape, bear, Christmas tree, Christmas hat, and so on. In addition to the shape of sugar, the taste of our custom-shaped lollipops also provides a variety of choices. There are many flavors for your selection, including lemon, strawberry, watermelon, blueberry, grape, cantaloupe, peach, and apple. In addition, different flavors are presented in corresponding colors, which also greatly enriches people's visual enjoyment. How Do The Lollipop Size and Shape Impact User Experience? Since the eating process of lollipops is usually long, the size and shape of the sugar will directly affect the comfort of the mouth and the eating time. The size and shape of the sugar is designed in full consideration of the various factions of the eater during the eating process, such as licking, sucking, etc. The suitable sugar shape will ensure the comfort of different eating actions, and also make different actions can properly contact the teeth and ensure the good effect of bone conduction. The appropriate sugar size also ensures that the entire eating time matches the audio content playback time, providing a complete user experience. As a professional customized lollipop supplier, Lavoil can provide you with high-end custom shaped lollipops in different flavors. How Do The Lollipop Size and Shape Impact User Experience? During flavor selection, Lavoli has carefully researched the flavors of the most popular sugars in the world, and selected the top ten flavors from them. By a
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