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Alice T

Relentless Hustler Entertainment, Inc. - 1 views

    Relentless Hustler Entertainment, Inc.HIP HOP,RAP,R&B music WORLDWIDE EXPOSURE music for all neighborhoods, designating to appeal to the masses to disintegrate stereotypes of east coast, west coast, north, and south music styles
Tompaz Jison

These Evil Chains by Tompaz - 0 views

    Hey Guys! welcome listen/feedback a little heavier wave up when time is right:)cheers all n merry holidays ahead.. Tompaz
Jerry Davis

Public Domain Music and Song Lists, Royalty Free. We Sell Books Listing Public Domain M... - 0 views

Tompaz Jison

Somewhere near Westminster Chapel-FriedHollow&Tompaz - 0 views

    1st colab with my friend/producer :FriedHollow
sam tetterton

50cent music channel - 0 views

shared by sam tetterton on 16 Sep 12 - No Cached
    I enjoy this channel on youtube. 50 cent knows so many different ways to produce music and many other things.
Leonard Denis - Listen to free mixtapes or download free mixtapes! - 0 views

    Mixtapes sorta like datpiff
Jeremy Nahrgang

The Working iPad - How do I... - Connect your iPad to an Electronic Piano wit... - 0 views

    Hooking up a midi keyboard to the ipad
Carl Raybon

Web 2.0 Tools - 0 views

shared by Carl Raybon on 20 Jul 12 - No Cached
Carl Raybon

Average Salary for a Music Producer -Article - 0 views

  • Average median salary is around $45,000 a year. This is going to vary depending on the city and who you work with. On the top end however you have producers making over $1 Million a year. (Master P made around $56 Million Dollars last year) But let's be serious here, the chances of a you as Music Producer making that much money a year aren't that good. However with the internet and computers making it easier and easier for Home Grown Music Producers to reach an ever growing audience, things seem to be looking up for music producers.
    • Carl Raybon
      This is the average median salary a music producer can make.
ines bentaleb

Chris Brown: Fortune : Ecouter et télécharger la musique en mp3 - 0 views

    Chris Brown: Fortune,
Andre Graham

Just passing through... - 1 views

Thanks for creating this group. Looking fwd to networking with everyone.

started by Andre Graham on 13 May 12 no follow-up yet
Dignity Meeks

SoundClick - Free MP3 music download and much, much more. - 0 views

    Here you can follow others with your same passion. You can also sign up and share your music to the world! Share your music in the group. We would love to hear it!
    I love sound click!!!
Daniel Meisenburg

Record Label Resource Directory - Music Business Information, Industry Contacts - 0 views

    Free music business resource for the independent record label, with information on starting a record label, CD manufacturing, CD mastering, recording studios, radio promotion, and more.
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