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anti rust lubricant spray use - 0 views

    Aerosol anti-rust lubricant is an all-purpose lubricant that swiftly penetrates, cleans, lubricates, and guards against corrosion. Squeals are silenced, rusty parts are loosened, and moisture is displaced by all purpose anti rust lubricant spray. ANTI-RUST LUBRICANT APPLICATIONS 1. Precision parts: electrical contact points, steel parts, highly sensitive components, machinery, ordnance, power tools, and precision instruments, etc 2. Eases disassembly of mechanical equipment, fittings and fixtures, rusted and frozen metals, such as bolts, nuts, hinges, exhaust clamps, fishing reels, wet engines, seat slides, door locks, clocks, bicycle for routine maintenance and emergency repairs.

anti rust primer for radiators - 0 views

    Excellent anti-corrosive protection is provided by Anti-Rust Primer. The ideal substrate for enamels applied to metallic surfaces, it exhibits remarkable elasticity, adhesion, hiding power, and leveling. It is good at holding topcoats in place and works well on metals including steel, iron, and aluminum. Anti rust primer paint is also great for use on automobiles, metal garden furniture, and gates and railings. specifically designed to actively combat rust and prevent corrosion while being moisture resistant.

disc brake caliper set - 0 views

    Bruide B-2018F disc brake caliper tool set is used for changing brake pads and shoes, rotating the piston into the caliper of a car, truck or four-wheel drive disc brake vehicle. This 24Pcs disc brake caliper return kit includes 18 adapters which are compatible with hundreds of vehicle makes and models, including American, European and Japanese. Featuring carbon steel construction and a rust-proof sandblasted finish, these parts will stand up to heavy use and accidental drops. It is perfect for everyone from the private car owner to the professional repairman.

black oxidation treatment - 0 views

    Black oxidation treatment is a common method of chemical surface treatment. The principle is to create an oxide film on the metal surface to isolate the air and achieve rust prevention. When the appearance requirements are not high, blackening treatment can be used. The blackening treatment on the surface of steel parts is also called bluing. Black oxidation treatment is a surface coating method commonly used on military knives because it can eliminate reflections.
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