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GGDB Sneakers

started by hairyirockm33 on 01 Jul 16
  • hairyirockm33

    CELEBRITY NEWS EVERY DAY Golden Goose Sneakers

    The Jonas Brothers


    Nick and Joe Jonas are notoriously private about their love
    lives-at least normally. But they weren't hiding their affection for their dates
    in London on Oct. 3 when they hit the afterparty for Nick's Les Miserables
    performance (older brother Kevin and wife Danielle joined them to make it
    a triple date). Although Nick, 18, played it cool when Scoop asked about his
    relationship with British costar Samantha Barks, 20 ("I keep that stuff to
    myself," he says), the pair's body language-they held hands at the bash at indig
    o2 nightclub-was telling. Meanwhile, a source says Joe-who spent the night
    kissing girlfriend Ashley Greene between slow dances-has been getting more
    serious with the Twilight saga star. "Joe loves that she is an independent woman
    with her own busy career," a source says of the couple, who started dating this
    summer after Joe split from Demi Lovato. How serious? "He is head over heels for
    Ashley," another source tells Scoop. "He hasn't been this into a girl in a long

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