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started by milpeaksite on 26 Jul 14
  • milpeaksite
    Business projects involving work in remote areas such as mining, exploration, and construction need an efficient and cost-effective communication system. Satellite communication systems are the best options for these projects, and Milpeak is among the companies servicing and managing satellite communications in Australia and worldwide, from Perth and Sydney to Los Angeles and Sri Lanka. Satellite communications involve telemetry, a method of remote reportage of information and measurement, with a variety of applications in agriculture, water management, distribution of resources, and monitoring of energy use.

    A good satellite communication solutions mining provider will offer a full range of satellite telephones for both sales and rental. It should also be able to handle the remote project's electrical infrastructure, microwave networks, UHF data radio networks, and any required telecommunication upgrade. An expert in-house management team should be available to the client if the client doesn't already employ one. For "turnkey" projects--those that require management of multiple communication media--a good satellite communications company should also offer an in-house engineering team. This team will handle software and hardware development, DC power supplies, a variety of radio systems, and hybrid systems that combine radio, satellite, and cellular phone technology in some combination. Many clients will have their own such teams, but companies like can handle these aspects of the project and bundle their cost into the overall bid..


    A satellite communications provider can also provide on-site supervision for aspects of a project other than communications. An on-site supervisory team should be multilingual and experienced in working in remote and possibly dangerous environments. The team should be flexible and able to work with the region's safety and environmental regulations. The satellite communications provider can also offer pre-project services in proposals management, involving itself in the initial estimate of a project's cost, the bidding strategy, estimates of labor involved, analysis of cash flow, planning of payment terms, and other services listed at

    In addition to communications, a satellite services provider can also specialize in tracking systems for quick location of personnel and other project assets. These systems can be used in remote venues like mines or in urban venues like office buildings and shopping malls, and they utilize digital radio systems, cell phone networks, and underground radio systems, such as the "Trackman""> system used in underground mines in Bangladesh. The satellite communications provider should also provide portable and temporary communication as well as those operating from fixed locations.

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