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David McGavock

Mastering Google Plus Circles | Social Media Sun - 0 views

  • So first, what the heck is a circle? Well, on Google+, it’s the way you can sort and organize your connections. It’s a bit like Facebook lists but a lot more dynamic. Basically, circles are the groups that you categorize your connections in.
  • “Should I circle people back?”
  • When they circle you, it means they are interested in following your content. You will not see their content unless you circle them back.
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  • circle back only people who post about things you are interested in or that relate to you.
  • you can just remove them.
  • How Do I Know Who Circles Me Back?
    • You can see if a specific person has circled you back by clicking on their profile. It will say “so-and-so has you in circles”
    • You can also go to your main circles tab and click on “people who have added you”
    • The final way is to use your Notifications to see who has added you to circles and who has added you back
  • I have “close” friends and family in a specific circle because I may share different types of content with them than with people I do not know intimately. I also have a circle for “prospects” or potential clients. If they become a client, I move them from “Prospects” to the “Clients” circle. I also create circles for some things not related to my business such as hobbies.
  • Can People See What Circles They Are In?

    No. They can only see that you have them in circles.

  • Do I Make My Posts Public?

    Making your posts public will increase the amount of people who will see your stream but be cautious of over sharing. You may overrun someone’s stream and they are likely to remove you for it.

  • you can go back and organize existing circles at any time you wish.
  • You can choose to post content to:

    • Public
    • Your circles
    • Extended circles
    • And below those options you will see all of your circles listed by name
  • If you want to tag specific people in the post, you can do so using the +. For example, to tag me on Google+, you would type +LisaMason.
  • curate shared circles with other people.
  • you have the ability to share those groups with other friends
  • There are hundreds of shared circles already assembled for everything from Google employees, to social media , to photographers.
  • Curating circles specific to your niche is a networking strategy
  • finding pre-made circles for your favorite interests is the Shared Circles on G+ page
    Google+ is actually a very powerful business tool when you know how to use it correctly. It can help you make connections with the right types of people and using it will also add a highly visible profile to Google search results for your personal brand and business. The key to success with Google+ lies in mastering your circles.
B.L. Ochman

Here Come The Google Plus Experts - 2 views

B.L. Ochman

Google Apps Help - 1 views

    holy crap - phone numbers for google support!
B.L. Ochman

Gone Google - 1 views

    see customer service mentioned anywhere? No way! Google doesn't have any.
David McGavock

In a cutthroat world, some Web giants thrive by cooperating - page 1 - 0 views

  • In a hard-knuckled, free-market economy built on competition, the most successful Internet companies put a high stake in another value: cooperation.
  • Friendly competition is the explanation often given for the unique success of Silicon Valley, the birthplace of Google, Twitter and Facebook.
  • Across the Internet industry, the most successful organizations compete by cooperating.
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  • Search giant Google dedicates a team of engineers to help users "move their data in and out of Google products," as the company puts it, free of charge and in a format that can be easily uploaded to competitors' Web sites.
    In a hard-knuckled, free-market economy built on competition, the most successful Internet companies put a high stake in another value: cooperation.
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