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started by headachesite on 30 Jun 14
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    Many people suffer from chronic headaches and migraines. One thing they have in common is trying many therapies and treatments to find relief. Some doctors believe the cause of chronic headaches is a problem with the temporomandibular joint (TMJ.) This joint is the "hinge," that connects the jaw to the skull. Often, physicians treat headache symptoms and fail to look for a cause. That's why headaches keep coming back.

    Physicians at the Charlotte Headache Center have been studying different therapies for years. Dr. Robert Harrell is a headache specialist charlotte nc. Dr. Harrell believes headache relief medications do people more harm than good. For instance, people who are in migraine headache treatment pain may take medication too often. Studies show there is a condition called headache medication overuse syndrome. In fact, this condition makes headaches worse. Dr. Harrell uses cutting-edge diagnostic technology to examine a patient's head and neck for problems with their bite or TMJ.

    The FDA-approved treatment program at the Charlotte Migraine Headache Center involves no drugs, needles and is painless. The therapy is a combination of four techniques adapted from sports medicine and advanced dentistry:

    therapeutic ultrasound
    electrical stimulation
    low level laser therapy
    manual trigger point therapy

    Charlotte Headache Center

    Learn more by visiting Patients come in for a consultation and Dr. Harrell determines whether he can treat them. Patients go through a twenty minute screening exam to determine if they are a candidate. The exam uses two devices to collect data and form a diagnosis. The first device measures the opening and closing of the mouth and the bite forces in the head, neck, jaw and mouth. Measurements are taken on a tooth-by-tooth basis, in motion and at rest. A bite force analysis lets physicians see a display of the forces in the mouth. Next, a second device measures the range of motion of the head and neck, instantly calculating if there's a deviation from normal motion. These deviations are signs of various conditions. Amazingly, studies show that 80% of all headaches are dental force related.

    Patients who are candidates for treatment begin right away. Treatments usually last about fifty minutes. Patients may need between one to twelve treatments depending on how serious their problem is. This therapy is also beneficial for TMJ problems, sleep apnea, neck pain and tinnitus. One patient says the treatment restored her quality of life. She found improvement in her headaches within three weeks. In fact, the amount of headaches diminished. If you suffer from chronic headaches or migraines, visit Dr. Harrell's website.

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