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started by michaelkors2013 lin on 28 Dec 12
  • michaelkors2013 lin
    Authenticity is highly valued these days, due in part to its Michael Kors Handbags increasing rarity. It seems that there is a mint to be made copying other successful designers. By honing their craft, these fashion plagiarizers now make such exact copies it is increasingly difficult to spot fake from real at first glance. Like currency counterfeit detectives, the secret to knowing the real from the fake is to handle and know the real.Does this Spark an idea?Other People Are ReadingHow to Identify LeSportsacHow to Tell an Authentic Chloe HandbagInstructions 1Window shop in the upscale designer shops and retail stores for the particular brands of handbags you like most. Take the time to talk with the retailer directly. Verify, casually and tactfully, that the handbags you are considering are authentic.2To spot quality, you must know quality.Ask the retailer or shop owner, in a polite, subtle way, what standards they use to confirm that their handbags' legitimacy. Pay special attention to the handbag traits he points out. Store them in your memory bank, and use what you were told as a learning experience to be put to good use as you shop.3Examine carefully and fully the real handbags. Become a counterfeit detective. Inspect for yourself the earmarks of excellent quality handbags like how the seams are sewn, how the latches and other fasteners are attached, and the quality of the handbag's material.4Replicas or real?Remain on the lookout for newly introduced handbag lines. Get there before the copycats have a chance to replicate the new design and features. Know your brand, both its old and new lines, and pay attention to the less noticeable traits only someone who has studied the bag would know to look for.5Take note of where the handbag originates or is made. Be wary of the bag if the tag says it was made in China, Taiwan, Hong Kong or other countries known for producing fakes. Do not, however, forgo the authentic handbags which are made primarily in these countries.6Even the accessories' labels can be misleading.Look for the seller's guarantee tag, card or booklet that certifies the bag is a genuine article. Watch out for vague, misleading phrases like, "just like brand X" or others. Examine the bag for sewn-in patches, engravings and even serial numbers to confirm legitimacy.7Find and compare the features which the product has been advertised as having. Check their placement, size and arrangement and compare these to the pictures of the original
    Cheap Michael Kors Handbags. Note any extra, missing or out of place features which differ from the original.Tips & WarningsShop at reputable stores and retailers which feature first-line merchandise only.Walk away from hot, new items which are priced suspiciously low.

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