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started by michaelkors2013 lin on 28 Dec 12
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    Often, teachers
    Cheap Michael Kors Handbags do not connect learning experiences to what students actually know. In this article, you'll learn how to use real-life tasks for designing lessons. As students complete various assignments, they can then see that how they are learning is also connected to what they are learning.Other People Are ReadingHow to Create Your Own Authentic JerseyHow to Make an Authentic-Looking Treasure MapThings You'll NeedTextbookStandards and curriculumMaterials depend on the learning game or projectShow MoreInstructions 1Using your curriculum, standards and your coursebook, pick a skill you wish to reinforce or teach for the first time
    Michael Kors Outlet Online. Examples of such skills include understanding information effectively and skimming and scanning.2Using a subject from your text, create an interesting lead-in for your lesson. This should take no more than 10 minutes. For example, if your students are required to read a text on the functions of salt, why not ask them to make bath salts? So you could start your lesson with the following questions:What does one put in a bath to make it smell nice?Why do people use salt?Have you ever taken a bath with salt? What does this do?3Teachers can then give students a page of instructions on how to make bath salts. This can be done in a variety of media formats. Students need to use the skills of skimming and scanning so they can understand how to make the bath salts (for example).4Students complete the authentic learning project or game in groups or in pairs. This makes the learning part of authentic instruction fun.5Students then hand in their work for a grade. Criteria varies depending on the assignment and the skills students needed to use while completing the assignment. Criteria may also vary by teacher, and how they choose to assess individual students' work.Tips & WarningsThe topic of the lesson will vary according to the subject you teach. If you are already using games in your classroom, you don't need to evaluate students' performance in terms of how they played the game.Authentic instruction is a great way to prevent discipline problems. However should discipline problems continue, use other strategies such as a personal talk with the student, a follow-up phone call or note. A great way to end these types of lessons is to ask the students: "What did you learn from the lesson?" Because they had so much fun, they'll share with you what they've learned.Another way to connect new skills to real-world tasks is by using games. Students love playing new games and they also get a chance to use their new skills to play the games with their friends. Monopoly, Trivia Pursuit and 21 Questions are great ways to connect world concepts and bring them into the classroom.

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