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started by chelseafc chelseafc on 05 May 12
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    Now 40, Mosley has put on exactly one good performance since 2008, his shocking upset of Antonio MargaritoFloyd Mayweather vs Miguel Cotto Live Stream moments after Margarito was found loading his hand wraps in the locker room. Beyond that it was an uneven performance against a limited and old Ricardo Mayorga, a horrible fight that ended in a draw against middling Sergio Mora and losing 23 of 24 combined rounds against Manny Pacquiao and Floyd Mayweather.

    While there is no shame in getting trounced by Pacquiao and Mayweather, the two best boxers on the planet, it's the way it went down. Other than the first round against Floyd, Mosley offered no real resistance and showed no willingness to pull the trigger and try to fight back. The man we've seen in the ring is not the battling warrior that boxing fans grew to love and respect, he's someone who looks content to "play opponent" and just try to get to the scorecards.

    Alvarez (39-0-1, 29 KO) has his own liabilities, he's got some holes defensively and his 39-0-1 record has come against questionable competition. Of course, he's still far ahead of where almost every other 21 year-old would be in their development, having turned pro at 16. He's also got solid power and commendable tenacity. There's just something about Canelo that is the clear marking of a fighter when you watch him operate. Yes, his footwork may be clunky at times and his body might not always be correctly positioned, but Mayweather vs Miguel Cotto Live Stream 's a guy who loves the fight and, Mayweather vs Cotto Live Stream frankly, is pretty damn good at it.

    This is boxing, stranger things than the legendary Shane Mosley defeating a lightly-tested 21 year old have happened. But, again, Mosley is 40 and it's been five years since we've seen him fight like a top-level fighter with any hint of consistency. If I trusted him Floyd Mayweather vs Miguel Cotto Live Stream fight like he did against Cotto in 2007, I'd pick Shane in a heartbeat. But this is 2012 and logic dictates Mayweather vs Cotto Live I take 'Canelo' Alvarez by decision.

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