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nikhil jain

Online Math Tutors | - 7 views

Online math tutoring is a great help for the students across grades. Since, the time has changed, the way of teaching too. Nowadays students are more internet-savvy and so inclined to online tutori...

online math tutors help with homework

started by nikhil jain on 24 Jan 11 no follow-up yet

Can you add tags to other people's bookmarks - 12 views

I see a bookmark in the list that I'd like to tag some more. What do I do to accomplish that? I poked around Help and did not find any relevant information. Thanks!


Darren Kuropatwa

Link Theme for May 2009: Effective Pedagogy In Mathematics - 37 views

"I'd also like to ask that someone else suggest another "theme" for us for the month of June and each of the months that follow. " OK Darren, I'll take the challenge and suggest developing algebra...

pedagogy research math maths mathematics

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