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Darren Kuropatwa

Ten Myths About Mathematics Education And Why You Shouldn't Believe Them - 11 views

    This list of "myths" written with a strong political bias. Take it in with a grain of salt. I like that they include references and links for why they believe what they do. This article would be good fodder for discussion.
    I keep writing, in bits and pieces, about the middle way between the two approaches. For example, there should be enough discovery for every kid to firmly believe they could derive anything, if needed. This "just enough" will vary from student to student, too. In "The Glass Bead Game" Joseph took years to trace one short (highly abstract) game transcript to its very roots. He wanted to see for himself if the game was real. He did not do it for every game, though. The idea of "flow channels" between two opposite bad states comes to mind:
Garrett Eastman

How to create an unfair coin and prove it with math - 15 views

    Gaming coin flip probability by bending coins with pliers and analyzing results
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