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Garrett Eastman


    Abstract: "n this study we explored the impact of performing mathematical tasks presented in the context of an "adventure challenge" or a "mathematical challenge" in a videogame. This videogame - "Matemáquina do Tempo" - is being developed to facilitate learning of mathematical skills like counting, grouping, and relating numbers. The videogame consists in various movement control tasks with dynamic (e.g., running) and static (e.g., pointing) interactions. Our goal was to test the impact of the integration of a direct mathematical task versus an indirect mathematical task. A group of 18 five year-old children performed the game in two conditions: a) adventure challenge , which implied movements such as running or climbing trees to perform mathematical tasks of counting and grouping; and b) mathematical challenge , which included swimming after selecting the correct path through counting, followed by a direct mathematical task of pointing to organize numbers in a line. Our assumptions were evaluated according to questionnaires and video analysis of the children playing the game. Results confirmed our hypothesis, showing that players performing the mathematical challenge generally considered that they were learning with the game, and most agreeing that the game was fun. Participants in the adventure challenge condition on the other hand, showed a tendency to evaluate the game as very amusing and were more distributed in the learning evaluation. In conclusion, we suggest that the inclusion of direct mathematical tasks in the videogame might lead to increased perception of learning, although they also seem to result in lower amusement ratings."
Rebecca Patterson

USC researchers hack Microsoft Kinect to play World of Warcraft | Technology | Los Ange... - 0 views

  • FAAST, built by USC's Institute for Creative Technologies, allows users to play computer games with a Kinect motion-sensor camera by translating body movements into the inputs that would otherwise be triggered a keyboard and mouse, or a gaming controller with joysticks and buttons.
    • Rebecca Patterson
      Wondering if this technology could be used for filling containers in SQ through SL?
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