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InfoQ: AJAX开发者继续向低调(unobtrusive)JavaScript迁移 - 0 views

  • 能够使HTML代码(在这个例子中就是我们的input标签)保持干净,并为开发者提供单一引用点来调试 JavaScript代码。低调JavaScript提倡将代码存储在外部的.js文件中,反对将其嵌入在HTML页面内
boho .net

New jQuery plugin: 'imgPreview' - James Padolsey - 0 views

    The 'imgPreview' plugin allows your users to preview an image before clicking on it and, out of necessity, will preload the image so when a user does click through to it there is no waiting time! The image preview shows up in a tooltip-like box appearing alongside the user's cursor when hovering over a link. The plugin is entirely unobtrusive; it does not require any hooks to target specific links (no non-semantic classes); it will automatically detect the anchors that are linking to images and will only apply the preview effect to them.
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