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Marco Blackburn

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made to measure roller blinds

started by Marco Blackburn on 22 Apr 12
  • Marco Blackburn
    These are useful for decorative as well as practical purposes. Though there are many ranges available in the elaborate catalogues of online blinds stores, but Roman blinds are well known for their simplicity. The ranges differ in the way folds are made and the fabric used. These decide how sophisticated a Roman blind looks on your windows. Subtle fabric designs and patterns can give a great look to the Roman blinds.

    There are two types of homes in UK - Contemporary and Traditional. While contemporary homes explore the latest design trends and interior dcor, traditional homes stay put on the tried and tested interior dcor trends. Whatever be the style of your home you would definitely need window blinds. Window blinds have come across as the best window decoration option for homes in UK. With the recent craze for Roman blinds (based on their good looks) many homeowners ask -do somekeyword fit my home dcor?-. So let us analyse whether Roman blinds are ideal for contemporary or traditional homes.

    In the contemporary homes the Roman blinds are hung on modern windows. These blinds will offer high levels of privacy and control amount of light coming into the rooms. They can also add a style quotient to the rooms. You may opt for Roman blinds with crisp and horizontal type of folds having jacquard or linen finish. Such a blind will provide clean lines that will compliment modern materials and shapes used in contemporary homes. The geometric shapes with glossy or brushed finishes offer a well balanced look to the rooms. Modern designs of Roman blinds also conceal the control mechanism which enhances the appeal of the blinds. Even if you have a period window design Roman blinds will offer a minimalist look to your room.Moreover, there are different colours and designs that are cater made to portray the vibrancy within your rooms. Some of the colours will mingle well with the modern appliances in your rooms.

    Roman blinds also function well in traditional rooms. You should opt for the loose and relaxed hobble folds which have great layering details in their drapes. Such blinds go well with the softness and sumptuous appeal inherent in traditional furnishings. Many traditional homes have small windows, Roman blinds function well on these small windows. If you use curtains to cover such windows, then the window coverings might look out of place. You can choose Roman blinds with colours that match with the cushions or blinds in other rooms. Traditional homes having skirting boards, fire surrounds, cornices and light fittings, which have patterns and carvings on them, can be complimented ideally with Roman blinds. If you have a small room then these blinds can make it appear big. The Roman blinds take least space on the windows and thus onlookers form such an illusion.

    Whatever be the style of your home Roman blinds are perfect to provide enhanced style and elegance to your rooms.


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    made to measure roller blinds

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