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Wade Graves

To Eliminate A Parasite - The Dawn of the Parasite Zapper - 0 views

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started by Wade Graves on 22 Mar 12
  • Wade Graves
    Absolutely nothing New

    The concept of a parasite zapper is not a new idea. In the middle of the final century, Royal Rife discovered that electrical energy could eliminate parasites. He came to this understanding due to the fact of his dim field microscope, a effective diagnostic resource that could see bacteria and viruses.

    A 2nd Wind

    Unfortunately, his creation obtained him into difficulty when his disease curing discoveries conflicted with the vested interest of the day. For many many years following his dying, his ideas about parasites and condition lay dormant. Then Dr. Hulda Clark, a non-public researcher, arrived on the scene.

    Amazing Vision Deja Vu

    Hulda Clark also had a effective diagnostic device that could "see" parasites. She named it the synchrometer, which was a device that operated on hearing resonance. With this unit, she reaffirmed Royal Rife's tips about the destruction of parasites. Her protocol, like Royal Rife's, also contemplated health cures that acquired her into difficulties with the institution.

    Destiny or Destiny?

    Hulda Clark utilized a frequency generator to destroy parasites at 1st but quickly discovered, quite by accident, that a optimistic offset square wave generator could kill all parasites across the board. Therefore the Zapper was born.

    An Efficient Defensive Weapon

    The parasite zapper is a potent and productive tool in the war versus germs, fungus, and viruses. Constant use can generate the edge essential to conquer numerous ailments, which Hulda Clark identified parasites to be causative in. In her guide, The Treatment For All Illnesses, she describes her theory of condition and presents recommendations on how to fight parasites, pollution, and construct your own zapper.

    Comfort And Ingenuity

    Parasites can be properly killed with herbs but a zapper is a a lot much more handy way of killing them. Even even though you can develop your own, it is also a lot more practical to get a single. And a number of producers of zappers have arrive up with some powerful models. I imagine the greatest unit is the Supreme Zapper. I have utilised it efficiently for a lot of years.

    An Enduring Survival Tool

    And so zappers are with us to continue to be. The parasite zapper is yet another productive and strong way to endure in a ailment ridden globe.


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