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started by sdf gfjh on 26 Feb 14
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    Lassie and christianinsoldes marlowe's wedding

    On psych"Deez nups,"Mob accountant herb has fled from his boss, max rizzo, with cash and the mob's financial records, but lassie(Timothy omundson)Is trying not to think about it.That's because he's got a wedding with marlowe to plan, and that wedding is happening in just three days. "I've got one speed, and it's full throttle,"Lassie says.

    Marlowe's escarpins louboutin soldes bachelorette partymarlowe's old cell mate big wendy is throwing marlowe a bachelorette party, and chief karen vick and juliet(Maggie lawson)Get roped in to attending.Frightened by big wendy, they even agree to wear hooker outfits and take shots. "I'm the chief of making bitches do shots,"Big wendy says.To which the chief says,"Alright then, see you in the er. "

    But the party really gets interesting when the stripper shows up, and it ends up being officer buzz mcnab.So much for him taking a parttime job as a security guard.But he's not going to get fired, because the chief is passed out drunk.And then marlowe expresses worries about rushing into marriage, and she steps out for some air.

    Lassie's party buslassie wasn't planning a bachelor party, claiming his best friend stumpie couldn't make it, but of course shawn(James roday)And gus(Dule hill)Want to throw a party.They start by kidnapping lassie, but this isn't going to turn into a hangover episode. (Plus, the usa network comedy already did one of those with the episode"Last night gus. ")Rather, an annoying stumpie shows up, the guys spray beer everywhere, and then when they show up at the casino, shawn spots mob accountant herb.

    Before shawn can do something about herb, lassie nabs him.The party will go on, they just need to take herb to his apartment so he can grab the flash drives.While there shawn notices and takes a michael damien concert receipt, and then herb opens a door and sees some mob guys. "Run! "He yells.But now the mob is on to him, because they see the back of the party bus and know that lassie is the cop who looks like mr.Bean.

    Will the wedding happen?And just like that marlowe has gone missing on psych"Deez nups. "Mob boss rizzo has kidnapped her, and lassie realizes that love is more important than anything:He's going to arrange a swap. (Lucky for him, the chief is still crazy drunk;She doesn't even notice a peanut shell on her lip).But of course this plan goes wrong too.

    Herb escapes while big wendy and woody the coroner get up close and personal.But shawn has a plan. "Hope is christian louboutin chaussures not lost,"He says. "How much do you trust me? "And listen close folks, because that's a big foreshadowing for the end.So, they go through with the swap by putting a bag over henry's head.The problem?Rizzo doesn't have marlowe anymore either, because she escaped too.

    But where is marlowe now?After returning to the hotel, shawn has his"Most spectacular vision"Yet:He knows marlowe went down the garbage shoot.Not surprisingly, that's exactly where he finds her.

    Then, right before the wedding, shawn realizes that herb is at the michael damien show.That's lucky for lassie in more ways than one, because he needs a new justice of the peace, and herb is licensed to marry them.

    The rest of the wedding doesn't go off without a hitch.Lassie admits that the annoying stumpie isn't really his best friend, because he doesn't have anyone he's super tight with. "Bromances are overrated,"He says, foreshadowing again. "Marlowe gives me all the companionship i'll ever need. "

    Then big wendy gets in trouble with her parole officer, and she's forced to walk down the aisle chained to chief vick.And then the mob shows up just as marlowe appears in her red wedding dress.A few shots are fired, and mcnab's pants get ripped off right before he tackles the mob boss.But all's well that ends well, at least for marlowe and lassie.They're married, and it's a happily ever after.

    The same can't be said for juliet and shawn.When juliet gets cold, shawn offers his jacket, and then he goes to grab some prosecco for them.While at the bar, his dad gives him some advice:Wisen up before it's too late, and don't make the same mistakes he did.In other words, seize love.

    But, during all this, juliet put her hand in shawn's jacket pocket.It wasn't a ring she found, but a michael damien receipt.Just like that she realizes shawn's earlier brilliant vision could have been a matter of deduction, and that shawn never psychically knew that herb would be at the concert.Juliet certainly isn't the mood to wang chung until all this is cleared up.

    Shawn takes a look around the room and sees so many people in love, and he shockingly decides not to deny anything. "Falling in love with you has never been a part of the plan,"Shawn admits. "We found a groove, and by the time you showed up, it was so much fun.I put away over 100 criminals, most of them were murderers.I'm good at what i do, and what i do is good, isn't it? "While shawn never outrightly says he's not psychic, he doesn't deny it.And just like that, juliet throws prosecco in his face and runs away.

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