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LogicGateOne Corp

Logicgateone Corp. Job Hiring! - 1 views


Multimedia Designer Logicgateone Corp. Job Hiring

started by LogicGateOne Corp on 10 May 14 no follow-up yet
LogicGateOne Corp

Finding a good SEO partner - 1 views contributor Joshua Steimle wrote an excellent article, 4 Tips For Hiring The Right SEO Firm, that might help those in need of this service cut through the fog that shrouds the overly cro...

Finding a good SEO partner

started by LogicGateOne Corp on 21 Apr 14 no follow-up yet
LogicGateOne Corp

LGO Provides Quality SEO Services - 1 views

Business online has become a dynamically complex matter that merely trying to comprehend it, much less engage in it, seems such a daunting task even for the average tech-savvy individual. Fortunate...

LGO Provides Quality SEO Services

started by LogicGateOne Corp on 10 Apr 14 no follow-up yet
LogicGateOne Corp

Social Media Campaign in the Philippines - 1 views

Undertaking Search Engine Optimization (SEO) in the Philippines has become a truly exciting experience especially with the presence of social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Google +, YouTube a...

Social Media Campaign in the Philippines

started by LogicGateOne Corp on 31 Mar 14 no follow-up yet
LogicGateOne Corp

LogicGateOne Provides QualityLink-Building Services - 2 views

Communication is all about interconnection. More so in this Internet Age. And it is not merely connecting to so many other people but also to your own data and other sources of information derived ...

LogicGateOne Provides QualityLink-Building Services

started by LogicGateOne Corp on 25 Mar 14 no follow-up yet
LogicGateOne Corp

LGO Services: Press Releases and Article Writing Submission - 1 views

We all know how press releases are done with respect to the traditional print media. But nowadays with Internet publishing and web social media, the game has totally changed. And the coverage has a...

Quality Design and Top Outsourcing Company Local Affordable Web Services in website designers developers subic bay philippines best seo companies the Press Releases Article Writing Submission

started by LogicGateOne Corp on 10 Mar 14 no follow-up yet
LogicGateOne Corp

LogicGateOne Website Development Services: Finding the Right Website Designer - 1 views

If you are one of those business people or, perhaps, individuals who have had years of track record in their line of work but without having gotten around to putting up a website, what are the step...

Quality Design and Top Outsourcing Company Local Affordable Web Services in website designers developers subic bay philippines best seo companies the Finding Right Designer

started by LogicGateOne Corp on 03 Mar 14 no follow-up yet
LogicGateOne Corp

Making SEO and Social Media Marketing Work for You - 1 views

Digital marketing is a mega-trend that is rapidly exposing Early Adopters and Laggards. Where do you stand in that ambivalent crowd? Here is short history of business technology: * In th...

web development Making SEO and Social Media Marketing Work for You

started by LogicGateOne Corp on 20 Jan 14 no follow-up yet
LogicGateOne Corp

Ebook and Technical Writing - 1 views

    EBOOK We do eBook writing on a number of subjects (except of course illegal stuff in the lines of Bomb-making for Dummies) including recipe books (just because they are very in-demand). Anything you can think of can be a topic for an eBook, from DIY, recipe compilations, How-To's, what-is-this-new-technology-about, previews, pamphlets, media kits, and short stories, novels or poetry. (How-to's and compilations of stuff that requires an extensive amount of research are something that we specialize in.) LGO offers best SEO services in the Philippines and has writers experienced and skilled enough to handle both technical and copywriting while still knowing creative writing. We know how to engage readers and keep them glued to the pages. Let us know what we can do for you. TECHNICAL WRITING LGO's technical writers are all capable of translating complicated procedures, concepts, and jargons into a more comprehensible form (basically, we could translate stuff in English) for a general audience. But that's not to say we can't handle the usual technical documentation meant for expert readers. We totally can. We have a highly-capable team of writers, all of whom are subject-matter experts (e.g. electronics, medicine, technology, manufacturing, etc.). This makes us confident in offering technical writing services on a wide range of specialized topics. We're still undecided whether we will try our hand at term papers and book reports just because, you know, assignments should be done by students. But otherwise, we do all kinds of technical writing: - Reports - proposals - case studies - consumer guide and instruction manuals - documentation - specifications - marketing communication (B2B) - FAQs - troubleshooting or repair guides - learning materials - terms and conditions - disclaimers - white papers Trade secrets are safe with us. NDAs are standard procedure for LGO.
LogicGateOne Corp

Generic Comments and Forum Posts - 1 views

    Generic Comments Post-ready comments that could pass as legit regardless of article topic? We got them. LGO could make you variations of evergreen comments that could fit any article posts. Forum Posts Joining discussion forums is a great way for quality link building but unless you have something really good to say, you will stand out as a spammer and will be promptly banned from the board faster than you can say "link whore". This is especially true in niche forums where the moderators are strict in accepting registrations and monitoring posts. LGO has a well-rounded team capable of writing sensible posts and natural conversations even in niche discussions so you can safely participate in the convo and leave your links in every post (via sigs).
LogicGateOne Corp

Editing/Proofreading - 1 views

    Need help in editing that important press release, news article, technical paper, and tons of other paperwork? We got you covered. LGO, a top SEO outsourcing company, is capable of getting your copy print-ready and audience-friendly. Plus, we have the much-needed team of grammar Nazis and spelling police to go over every word. Of course we can't promise to be soft and kind to your materials, but at least we'll get the tough job done. Even if that means you'll lose some of those words in the process. (For example, is everything written really relevant to the material as a whole? You know, most readers just scan over a body of text looking for stuff that they think are important and skipping over what they think are just fillers.) In line with that, we'll need to know your perspective or the company's culture to be able to edit your materials accordingly. Most importantly, we recognize the value of confidentiality in every piece of written work that we handle. We don't retain copy of your submitted pieces nor do we disclose them in any way.
LogicGateOne Corp

Web Content - 1 views

    Your website will be the single, most authoritative site about you online, making it imperative for you to attract visitors and impress them enough to encourage return visits. It does not only function as your online portfolio but also as your virtual brochure which introduces you to the Internet users, showcases your credentials and presents your services. After all, your website is the perfect place to put your sales pitch in. Every word or image you use should serve to that purpose. Good thing, LGO, an SEO outsourcing company (, knows just how to create a compelling and authentic content on your corporate website (!/Web_Content) to connect effectively with readers and convert them to customers. Consult us (!/ContactUs) today and we'll sit down with your marketing team to get to know the business more and how we can best present your brand to the public.
LogicGateOne Corp

Press Releases and Articles - 0 views

  •!/Press_Releases PRESS RELEASES Traditional press releases require that you follow a certain format and distribute it to members of the media, with the publishing to be left at their discretion. Talking about the quality website design's (!/Web_Development_Web_Blog) version of a press release, well, it works quite differently, but towards the same purpose of gaining favorable attention from the media or in this case, from everyone on the web. We can make press releases and cover letters while sleeping so, no, resume and feature articles are not unfamiliar to us. We even do technical write-ups and ebooks on just about anything as one of our local and affordable web services in Subic Bay, Philippines (!/SEO). Or, you can have us rewrite those favorite pieces that unfortunately have been used before. (Don't worry, Copyscape won't even notice.) Let's talk about how you want to communicate to the market with our best website designers and developers. Consult us now (!/ContactUs). ARTICLES Contrary to popular belief, writing is not for everyone. It takes someone with a real knack for it in order to produce a clean and engaging piece. We have many of them in our team. Our writers are have been through a series of writing tests to prove their ability, versatility, and knowledge sets in several stages of screening. Carefully crafted and backed with intensive research, the articles we write are both reader- and search engine-friendly. LGO's writing team can work on pretty much any topic under the sun in the form of: * news * Q & A * fillers * DIY * feature stories * encyclopedia articles * evergreens * opinion and analysis We would have loved to say that "in LGO (, we churn out 20 original articles per minute due to a stellar team of writers". But that would be false advertisement ... and just plain dumb. We never pride in sa
LogicGateOne Corp

Search Analytics - 1 views

  •!/Search_Analytics Our clients receive a periodic report on each SEO campaign (!/Social_Media_Campaign) they sign up for and you could also get one when you register with us. We like to keep you updated on things because they change quite fast online. Also, seeing the progress in reports will help you decide on what further courses to take on your campaign. Don't worry about getting a jargon-filled report that is full of technical stuff you are not expected to understand. We are very well aware that not everyone speaks binary so we try our best to translate them into English. Plus, we'll be throwing in some infographics, charts or graphs once in a while to make it easier for you to visualize what is going on. What to expect? A compilation and analysis of search engine stats to help you understand your website's standing and improve it. LGO's (!/homepage) data collection method ensures accurate and fresh data on the following: * keyword analysis and monitoring * webpage speed * SERP * search history * comparisons with competitors * search volume trends And whatever you do, please double check your code for typographical errors especially on titles, header and descriptions. There's no Autocorrect for spiders.
LogicGateOne Corp

Technical - 1 views

  •!/Technical For starters, optimizing your code makes it easier for search engines to find you. Clean codes are strong foundation for your website; everything is useless if the search engine can't even find your pages or load the website properly. Logic Gate One Corp. a top SEO outsourcing company (!/homepage) can standardize your coding so spiders will not get confused or ignore it and make sure your website is a browser-compatible to the big four (Firefox, Chrome, Explorer, Opera) and the others. We're also careful in rewriting URL into permalink that is readable (just to avoid different URLs pointing to the same webpage, because this could be seen as duplicate content). Like hackers, there are black hat and white hat SEO. White hats follow legit guidelines and prioritize the benefit of the users -- no tricking the algorithm. Logic Gate One Corp. is the home of white-hat SEO strategies. . Logic Gate One can take care of things under the hood like HTML codes and site structure of the so-called quality website design (!/Web_Blog_Setup), add relevant keywords on your sites metadata (could help you choose the best domain name, too). Let us help you with: * error-free HTML code * site architecture * sitemap syntax * robots meta tag * load speed * robots.txt syntax * 301 redirects * title tags * invalid URLs * unpaired or broken tags * whitespace (yeah, that's an issue, too) And whatever you do, please double check your code for typographical errors especially on titles, header, and descriptions. There's no Autocorrect for spiders.
LogicGateOne Corp

Social Media Campaign - 1 views

  •!/Social_Media_Campaign No one would pass up the opportunity to utilize Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Pinterest, Google+, and other social sites in doing SEO campaigns, especially now that Google can flag a website for containing spam or penalize it for an attempt to game the system. But, we would hate to spam the social networks so we really make it a point to create sensible content first that will go along with the proper links and keywords. Yup, LGO SEO services (!/SEO) coupled with quality website design (!/Web_Development_Web_Blog), photography stock photos in Philippines ( stands by the ethical side of the virtual population. For the complete brand recognition campaign (and in case you need more convincing about the value of social media), go to Brand Awareness (!/Brand_Awareness) page.
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