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LogicGateOne Corp

Online Reputation Management - 1 views

    MORE THAN POSITIVE REP.!/Online_Reputation_Management

    Web Reputation Management (Online Identity Management / Personal Branding)

    An owner understands that his business' public image means everything -- you could lose partners, employees, and customers with a negative one. Just look at companies which neglected their reputation for some time. Can't find one? Precisely!

    And even if you're not a multinational corporation or a large-scale manufacturer of soda, you can still have a business so an overview of reputation management is in order. It might not be a mainstream yet but this sector is gaining attention as people and businesses shift the venue of interaction to the online world.

    Your reputation in the real world is not enough.

    If it's true that your real world reputation will eventually translate into the online world, then it follows that having a stellar rep IRL will fix its online counterpart, right? Not quite. You could do everything right with your business in the real world but without being aware of social media (!/Social_Media) and the risks online, you're a sitting duck.
LogicGateOne Corp

Website and Blog Setup - 1 views

    MORE THAN A WEBSITE.!/Web_Blog_Setup


    In the off chance that you don't have a website yet (I know, shucks), it's never too late to have one. Just get the web's hosting and the domain registration and we'll handle the whole shebang. We'll build your website from the ground up (all the codes and xml). Need a database for client login? Easy. Need it to load decently fast despite all the heavy graphics and fancy whatnots you want to include in your homepage? No problem.

    And because we understand how SEO works wonders in the popularity of a website, we'll throw in that extra on your HTML coding. For personalized web design and layout, check out our Graphic Design (!/Creative_Marketing) service.


    We know the blogosphere like the back of our hands so you could be assure that we know our way in properly setting up accounts and stuff. We can register you with an account in major Web 2.0 sites like Tumblr, Squidoo, Blogger and Wordpress. If you want customized themes or design and layout unique to your company, we can bundle this with our Graphic Design and Content Writing (!/Content_Writing) services to complete the package. (We can also get you started with some relevant suggestions on who to connect with on your accounts -- for free!)
LogicGateOne Corp

Technical Support - 1 views

    MORE THAN TECH HELP.!/Technical_Support

    Anything amiss with a computer unit is enough to ruin anyone's day so we can totally relate to how this translates in the business scale. LogicGateOne Corp., a top SEO outsourcing Company that also offers affordable web services ( in Subic Bay, Philippines can be your resident IT personnel who is only one call away (no, really).

    If something malfunctions, just give us a ring (!/ContactUs). And while we're at it, we could teach you some tips to take care of your devices, too.
LogicGateOne Corp

Software Development - 1 views

    MORE THAN CODE.!/Software_Development

    it's easier than ever to buy software or computer programs online the hard part is looking for the right one, perfect for your needs and group besides, you don't really have to provide personal details and banking information to the web, where it could be exposed by God knows who we like to personalize everything, from __ to __ why should we buy commercialized software for our operations

    LGO offers custom-made

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LogicGateOne Corp

Creative Marketing - 1 views

    MORE THAN DESIGN.!/Creative_Marketing

    LGO is seriously good when it comes to technical stuff but we're also about creative juices. We provide presentations, either virtual or physical, media kit, videos, themes, business cards and even infographics, which are growing popular. Viral marketing ideas can also be arranged.

    You can avail of our services individually or we can arrange a whole package depending on your needs. Consult us:!/ContactUs (Free!) using the form on the right.

    Sample Promotional Videos:
LogicGateOne Corp

Content Writing - 1 views

    MORE THAN KEYWORDS.!/Content_Writing

    Fancy layouts, logo and web design (!/Website_Development) are nice and stuff, if you only need to draw attention. But, you need serious creativity in words to hold that attention.

    We can make press releases and cover letters while sleeping so, no, resume and feature articles are not unfamiliar to us. We even do technical write-ups and ebooks on just about anything. Or, you can have us rewrite those favorite pieces that unfortunately have been used before. (Don't worry, copyscape won't even notice.)

    As much as we are detail-oriented, we also take deadlines seriously. And what we produce is relevant text content that is consistent and actually makes sense.

    Sure just about anyone can write something -- but, not anyone can do it properly. So why take that risk when you can let the experts (ehem, us) handle all the nitty-gritty in grammar, spelling and overall composition quality. With our all-star team of experienced writers who can work on anything you might need (except those discussing about illegal stuff), LGO ( can give your website more personality or just update that blog.

    Before something comes out, there has to be that someone who does some sort of quality control who will easily spot that something that for an outside would be a glaring error. LGO is aware that writers can sometimes get so used to reading the same block of text over and over that there is a very good chance of them missing the mistake. That's not a problem in our writing team anymore as we have dedicated editors who will stop at nothing to look for those errors.
LogicGateOne Corp

Top SEO services in Subic Bay, Philippines - 1 views

    Everyone keeps on hearing about this mysterious SEO that is supposed to be the lifeline of businesses on the web. What's it all about? Is this something that could magically transform your vid production into viral status overnight or maybe a black hat technique to keep your name on the first page of Google search results?

    Marketing, that's what the fuss is all about. SEO is closely related to what businesses do irl as advertising and marketing, only it lives online. This is one of the strong factors behind websites ranking first on online searches -- a most coveted spot on the web. Say, you have this cozy restaurant in Cebu. Everything's cool, you even get a steady stream of customers every day from word-of-mouth advertisement of local patrons. However, having a presence on the web will propel this popularity into another level. Every time someone type "Cebu restaurant" or "good restaurant in Cebu" on a search engine, you will be there on the first page, among the top results.

    The kicker is, All businesses want to be on the top results but search engines would want to have only the relevant websites on their search results. You could imagine just how this became a cat-and-mouse game that makes the whole thing progressively complex every day. (Search engines claim to tweak their search algorithm multiple times in a day!)

    To increase your website's ranking and exposure in search results you have to obtain an understanding of how search engines work (or at least have an educated guess). Also, identify what search phrases people type in search engines. There are hundreds of various signals search engines claim to incorporate in their search and ranking codes -- most of which cannot, if at all known, be easily influenced.

    Other Services:!/Online_Reputation_Management
LogicGateOne Corp

LogicGateOne Corp. Job hiring! - 1 views

At LGO, everything we do is customized to every client we work, which requires thorough consultation to ensure that we are on the same page and we understand your expected results about SEO, Web De...

top outsourcing company subic bay Philippines software development quality website designs internet marketing logicgateone corp web programmer designer developer SEO link building social media

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LogicGateOne Corp

Top SEO outsourcing company in Subic Bay, Philippines - 1 views

    Visit us:

    Want to draw participants to an event? Or attract potential customers by launching a new product? Thinking about rebranding your company? We'll take that to Twitter, Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, YouTube and even Pinterest.
    Today, something like a product launch is not just a carefully-planned marketing event where you would expect lots of freebies, drinks, photos and sharp dresses. And it's not just about inviting major media personnel to cover it either -- the Internet way is done quite differently. On the web, you have to be able to draw EVERYONE's attention, and, we can't stress this strongly enough, be extra creative.
    For instance, introduce promo deals as an incentive for users who will follow/like/re-tweet/repost/mention your brand. This is one surefire way to increase brand visibility. (In fact, every time you use the word FREE you just have to sit back and watch it skyrocket.) Plus, each user that mentions you or your brand becomes an ambassador for everyone can read and comment on it.
    It's a given that the higher the count of connections your account has, the higher the conversion rate is (more possibility of clients target market). But of course it's not enough that you have numerous connections, it's more important to have the right ones.
    Making a positive stir by creating something that draws attention to your content and encourage others to share it is great but you have to handle it smartly. But that's not to say be sensational in a way that will make you infamous (we're not really a fan of the bad-publicity-is-still-publicity routine). LGO has ample experience and established accounts in place to start a wildfire of influence and let it take its natural course.
    LGO ( is a local and international provider of quality website designs, online and print graphic presentations, software development and top SEO outsourcing company based in Subic Bay, Philippines.
    At LGO
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