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Roscoe Gonzalez

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Don Cox

started by Roscoe Gonzalez on 14 Oct 12
  • Roscoe Gonzalez
    Lots of marketers today, especially those who're into multilevel marketing have found leads with article promotion. And it is unsurprising given the effectiveness of article promotion in driving highly targeted traffic. It fits directly into the Multilevel marketing business model. The method may also be used in other business models wherein you are building customer leads.

    But how exactly are you finding leads via article promotion? Pay attention to the following strategies:

    1. Use articles to direct individuals to a squeeze page. This squeeze page can also be often referred to as a landing a page. It is usually an easy site with only one page whose main purpose would be to capture leads using a subscription form. The standard information a squeeze page gets from visitors are names and email addresses. The more visitors a squeeze page gets, the more sign ups it may generate. This is when article promotion comes into the picture. Articles published in a variety of sites all over the web are utilized to drive traffic to the landing page. It's simple article marketing having a twist. Rather than backlinking to your website or blog, you link to the squeeze page.

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    2. Use articles as teasers for something you are intending to launch. This can be a very effective method in finding leads with article promotion. Let's say for example that you have a webinar coming up. What you need to do now is write articles regarding your upcoming webinar. The articles should then point to the webinar page but since it hasn't launched yet, you can leave there a lead capture form where visitors can input their contact details so that they will be notified when the webinar launches.

    Finding leads with article marketingcan be very complicated in the beginning but if you do it of sufficient length, it gets easier much like everything else.

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