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Rebecca Conroy

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    "Antonia Hirsch's The Surplus Library on Affect and Economic Exchange considers the library as a unique social space in which knowledge is circulated through a system of non-monetary trade or interpersonal exchange. The project's website displays cover images of books on the subject along with the email addresses of their owners, and an open invitation to participate in the completely inefficient process of borrowing a book via mail. (To be included in the library, a book must be deemed worthwhile by Hirsch.) By facilitating the global exchange of these books about exchange-containers for ideas, but also personal objects marked by marginalia, dog-eared pages, personal inscriptions-Hirsch examines the relationship between social bonds and the production (and consumption) of knowledge. The Surplus Library, begun in 2011, currently includes around one hundred titles. In the past two years, Hirsch has also edited Intangible Economies, a thematically related series of articles published in the Canadian art magazine Fillip, where she is an editor at large; an anthology of the same name was published in the fall. Triple Canopy's Brittany Paris discussed the project and the book with Hirsch over Skype and email in November and December."
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