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  • Joao Alves

    Joao Alves

    I am a German (DaF) and English (EFL) teacher at a secondary school in Portugal. I love technology but I'm also keen on literature, photography and everything that is aesthetically interesting and holds in it an aesthetic pleasure.

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    member since 2008-05-23

  • shared 290 items

    member since 2008-06-10

  • shared 286 items

    member since 2008-06-10

  • mbarek Akaddar

    mbarek Akaddar

    High school EFL teacher ICT Teacher Trainer Webhead Collaborative project facilitator

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    member since 2009-06-04

  • Holly Dilatush

    Holly Dilatush

    "Live with intention. Share inside~out smiles, inspire hope, seek awe and nurture in nature." Twitter: smilin7 “Everyone deserves to discover and pursue the joy of learning.

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    member since 2008-06-16

  • Yuly Asencion

    Yuly Asencion

    I am a Spanish teacher interested in the use of technology in the class, writing and reading, and assessment.

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    member since 2009-10-28

  • Carla Arena

    Carla Arena

    I'm a Brazilian EFL educator always eager to learn and discover new ways of doing things. I blog at http:/, and (for English students)

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    member since 2008-05-08

  • anamaria menezes

    anamaria menezes

    EFL teacher in Brazil

    shared 82 items

    member since 2008-05-08

  • Denis S

    Denis S

    Educational technology geek, educator, blogger

    shared 75 items

    member since 2009-12-14

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    member since 2008-05-09

  • Barbara Moose

    Barbara Moose

    I'm a Past President and 2010 conference chair for North Carolina Technology in Education Society (NCTIES), an ISTE affiliate. I am a retired educator in central NC.

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    member since 2009-04-05

  • Cara Whitehead

    Cara Whitehead

    Instructional Specialist, National Board Certified Teacher in Literacy, Social Media Promoter for VocabularySpellingCity , Promethean ActivInstructor and Social Media Council Member, avid Twitterer @WhiteheadsClass, author of Teaching...My Calling http://teachingmycalli...

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    member since 2011-01-10

  • Gladys Baya

    Gladys Baya

    EFL teacher and teacher educator, keen on new-technology integration into the EFL lesson.

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    member since 2008-05-09

  • Mary Hillis

    Mary Hillis

    I am an EFL teacher in Japan. My interests include online professional development, blogging, literature, vocabulary, and writing. I am a member of the online communities of practice, Learning with Computers, Webheads, and Blogging4Educators.

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    member since 2008-05-22

  • Isabelle Jones

    Isabelle Jones

    I am a Head of Languages in a large 11-16 multicultural comprehensive school in the North West of England. I currently teach French and Spanish but I have also taught German and EFL (EAL) in the past. I am also a qualified translator/ interpreter (ESUCA, Toulouse)

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    member since 2008-05-22

  • IN PI

    IN PI

    Teacher, learning how to use web 2.0 in school, with young students.

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    member since 2008-06-20

  • Nelba Quintana

    Nelba Quintana

    IT area manager at Escuela de Lenguas-Universidad Nacional de La Plata , Argentina. Teacher trainner on the use of IT in the ESL classroom

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    member since 2008-06-27

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    member since 2009-04-10

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    member since 2008-07-19

  • Maria Perifanou

    Maria Perifanou

    ICT researcher, lecturer in Italian & PhD in Applied Linguistics at University of Athens, Department of Italian Studies. Research Interests; Web 2.0, Microblogging, MOOCs, MOOLCs, PLEs, CALL,TEL, Mobile learning, WebQuests, Blended learning, Collaborative Learning, VET, Life Long Learning, Adult...

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    member since 2008-08-13

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