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Home - Classroomscreen - 1 views

    timer, QR generator, memo, random name, text box, drawing tool, work symbols, sound level
Jeff Lebow Easily Turn Google Spreadsheets into Flashcards and Other Cool Stuff - 2 views

    Nice variety of online games and activities
Jeff Lebow

Making a video interactive with Nearpod - YouTube - 1 views

    Hello LearningCallers. Just a quick heads-up that Nearpod now supports interactive videos. Yay! Good luck getting ready for another crazy semester.
Jeff Lebow

English Exercises - 0 views

    Thousands of interactive online worksheets produced by teachers

Easy & Fun 퀴즈앤 - 3 views

shared by mimlms on 08 May 20 - No Cached
    Sort of Korean ver. Kahoot! :p
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