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Contents contributed and discussions participated by Orhan ASLAN


How to use experts when not to - 3 views

    When decisions with important consequences involved, people ask for expert opinion let it be a hotel booking (trip advisor, booking...) or purchasing a book (amazon recommends, kitapyurdu...). If the stakes are high, then it becomes obligatory to go and ask for expert opinion. However this becomes a problem if people rely on experts as if they are getting parental advice. People become addicted to experts because of its certainity, assuredness and definitiveness. In a study, a group of adults' brains' MRI scans when they are listening to experts showed that the independent part of their decision making part of their brains switches off while they are listening. This listening becomes unquestionnable and they use these opinions without distinguishing as right or wrong. Considering the doctors who misdiagnose 4 out of 10, not questionning is an important issue. As a result the role of the expert should change because they are affected by social norms, cultural norms and everything. So their judgements may differ. Think about companies who try to sell their products and include experts in the process. Toothpaste, washing detergents etc. are exagerated. Although they are experts, they have assumptions which may have flaws. People should question and become skeptical about experts. People should not blindly accept or listen, rather they should open their eyes wide open, face the world, use experts for certain things but be aware of their limitations and also their own.
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