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SelfDeterminationTheory Motivation

started by mskaraca on 07 Nov 14
  • mskaraca
    I have an offer for this course.
    We should study Self-Determination theory (SDT) instead of flow theory. It is more fruitful than flow.

    SDT states that we live with some psychological needs, namely autonomy, competence and relatedness. If these conditions are provided within social context, motivation will be affected positively. They are also needed for well-being.

    It is applicable to teachers, bosses, parents.

    There is a book called Drive from Daniel Pink which explains this theory
  • E.Yasin Çiftçi
    Dörnyei (2003) says that "theories do not necessarily exclude one another but may simply be related to different phases of the motivated behavioral process". So, under a very broad topic namely motivation, there are various opinions and empirical research and all try to bring an explanation to some parts of this broad and complex concept of motivation. Before deciding on which theory is more fruitful, we should examine all the relevant literature carefully. Actually I value self determination theory but it is not the most accurate one and never will be. Motivation literature is like an ocean. It is more fruitful to bring as many theories as possible to the classroom in order to have a broader picture of it instead of excluding some just in favor of others. I really would like listen to SDT explained and exemplified by you during class time.
  • mskaraca
    Hi Yasin
    I firstly agree that there are lots of motivation theories. Even some researchers say that, we should stop developing new theories and start integrating existing theories.

    But SDT is contemporary, well-established and broad.

    By the way, I see theories as maps of the realities. Sometimes they may have intersections. Some explains some parts f reality more detailed.

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