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Aysegul Solar

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started by Aysegul Solar on 21 Oct 13
  • Aysegul Solar
    For me the first pioneer in learning sciences is Immanuel Kant since for him awareness of knowledge may begin with experience but this knowledge already existed befor this experience. I relly like this quotation from him.

    "Up to now it has been assumed that all our cognition must conform to the objects; but all attempts to find out something about them a priori through concepts that would extend our cognition have, on this presupposition, come to nothing. Hence let us once try whether we do not get farther with the problems of metaphysics by assuming that the objects must conform to our cognition, which would agree better with the requested possibility of an a priori cognition of them, which is to establish something about objects before they are given to us. "

    a brief summary of his life and works from
  • Aysegul Solar
    the second person is Seymour Pappert the father of Logo software which give inspiration to this popular Logo toys :)

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