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Julianne Miranda

Energy Healing - How to Balance Chakras and Energy Fields - Deborah King Center - 0 views

    "Energy Healing "A bodily disease, which we look upon as whole and entire within itself, may, after all, be but a symptom of some ailment in the spiritual part." Nathaniel Hawthorne wrote these words in the early nineteenth century, but it has taken the Western medical community some time to catch up. The idea that the mind plays an important part in the health of the body, however, is fast gaining acceptance in our empirically-oriented society. A recent study conducted by the East Tennessee State University Chattanooga Family Practice Residency Program found that more and more medical practitioners accept and encourage the role that alternative medicines and therapies play in healing. In a survey conducted through that study, it was found that sixty-five percent of physicians had prescribed at least one form of complementary or alternative therapy for their patients. About thirty-three percent had undergone some form of alternative therapy themselves. It was also found that doctors who had been practicing for ten or less years were more likely to view alternative medicine as viable and valuable. This step in the right direction is due to more exposure to alternative forms of healing and a greater awareness of patient needs. Hawthorne's observation that physical disorders were symptomatic of spiritual ailments is central to the concept of energy healing. When our life forces or energy fields are out of balance, physical illness can ensue. Energy healing seeks to use positive energy to create a better balance within the body. Also inherent in energy healing is the idea that all energy fields are interconnected. This allows energy healing practitioners to send energy to their patients, thus creating a more balanced and positive energy field. Energy healing can even be done from thousands of miles away. Perhaps one of the most prominent forms of energy healing is prayer. Paul Parker, a professor of theology at Elmhurst College, says: Judaism,
Jeff Johnson

Education Decisions: Where's the Evidence and Research Base? : August 2008 : THE Journal - 1 views

    Remember the old Monty Hall program Let's Make a Deal? In that game show, you could win the prize behind one of three doors. If you started by choosing door 1, should you have changed your mind and selected door 2, if Monty showed you what's behind door 3 (Tierney, 2008)? What has this to do with research? Well ... people are convinced what they know is the right thing and forge ahead with decisions based on their rationalizations, no matter what research indicates. In education, such decisions--especially technology purchasing decisions--can have profound consequences.
Jeff Johnson

Using Technology with Classroom Instruction That Works - McREL - 0 views

    This book suggests ways in which the research-based strategies in Classroom Instruction That Works can be used with educational technologies, such as word processing and spreadsheet applications, multimedia, data collection tools, communication software, and the Internet.

Is English Language So Popular because of the USA? - 0 views

Americans might tend to inflate the influence of the United States in the history of the spread of English. Before the World Wars, particularly WWII, the US was a bit player on the world stage. The...

english quiz online

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Leah Chuchran - 0 views

    The Validation of A Research-based Tool for Assessing the Effectiveness of Online Professional Development Programs
Jeff Johnson

Principal Connections Online: Enhancing Student Achievement Through 21st Century Skills... - 0 views

    Learn through stories from real schools, videos from exemplary classrooms, and a variety of research-based tools, all with a special emphasis on the role of 21st century teaching and learning skills. Developed and made popular by the Partnership for 21st Century Skills, these skills represent how and what students should learn within the context of a curriculum and how teachers should model them in their teaching. As you learn, you will develop relationships with other principals and administrators taking the course. An integral part of this experience will be reflecting, sharing, and communicating with this online learning community.
Jeff Johnson

SETDA-PETI - 0 views

    Profiling Educational Technology Integration, or PETI, includes a framework aligned to No Child Left Behind, Title II D (NCLB IID), as well as a suite of tools designed to assist states, districts, schools, and researchers in profiling their progress with technology over time, documenting both readiness and effective use. Why are the profiling tools important? The tools were developed to assist states in making sound, data-driven decisions about educational technology. Metiri Group, which developed these resources under the advisement of the SETDA Common Data Elements committee, has worked over the last year with five states to pilot and revise the instruments and protocols based on data analysis to ensure reliability and validity. Used as outlined here, PETI offers valid, reliable data collection instruments and methodologies that answer the questions in the SETDA framework. Used over time, these tools can provide valuable baseline and trend data for accountability purposes.

ScopeBros | - 0 views

    Most microscopes that you find in a run of the mill research facility condition are compound microscopes. They are structured with destinations on a turning nose piece mounted over the stage, and the light source and condenser underneath the stage. They are most usually utilized for review tests that have been fixed to a level slide. In specific applications, it is essential to take a gander at live, unfixed examples. A progressively pragmatic microscope configuration to utilize is the inverted microscope. The inverted microscopes are the microscopes with its light sources also condenser on top, over the stage looking down, while the goals and turret are underneath the stage facing up. Inverted microscopes are valuable for watching living cells, tissues, or life forms at the base of an enormous holder (for example, a tissue culture cup). This permits you to look at the sample under more normal conditions than on a glass slide, just like the case with a conventional compound microscope. You can put a Petri dish or other holder on the stage and view the examples from underneath, hence not upsetting their increasingly "regular" states. More significant, secured tests are less powerless to vanishing and increments in temperature, in this way, protecting reasonable everyday environments for the example you are seeing. In light of the way that you need to glance through thicker compartments, you regularly see the destinations as long working separation or ultra-long working separation. These goals have been rectified for watching tests that are further away than what you ordinarily observe on a compound microscope. The picture may not be very as clear as to when you are taking a gander at a splendidly level slide. You might need to utilize a plastic Petri dish instead of a glass one as the plastic dishes are more slender and progressively uniform. Most inverted microscopes will have targets that extend from 4-40X, with 60X being an additional choice. You donâ€

Pfizer Inc. - Job Vacancies - Jobs Worldwide - 0 views

    Pfizer Inc. is an American global pharmaceutical corporation based in New York City. Its research headquarters is located in Groton, Connecticut. Actually, it is among the world's largest pharmaceutical companies. It is also listed on the New York Stock Exchange. Since 2004, its shares have been a component of the Dow Jones Industrial Average. Pfizer is named after a German-American Charles Pfizer who co-founded the company together with his cousin Charles F. Erhart. The first name of the company was Charles Pfizer and Company (chemicals business).
Jeff Johnson

Building Better Instruction: How Technology Supports Nine Research-Proven Instructional... - 0 views

    Technology alone has little effect on improving student achievement. However, it can be a powerful tool to support the nine instructional strategies identified in Classroom Instruction that Works. This article from Learning & Leading with Technology (February, 2004 31(5)) briefly explains how the following technology tools can be used to support the nine instructional strategies.

Make your Apps indexed, ranked & installed By simple Steps - 0 views

  Would you like to promote your App? AppSquadz a prominent mobile Application Development Company provides some basic tips for helping your app to appear in Google's 'app pack' sea...

mobile app development USA application company developers hire

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