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Jeff VanDrimmelen

Finding Answers from Conference - April 2008 Ensign - 0 views

  • Helps for Home Evening
    • Jeff VanDrimmelen
      We got a great idea from a friend of ours. We have small children and it is constantly a struggle to get them to listen at conference. We have tried coloring and reading, but we end up spending most of our time telling the kids to be quiet.

      Well, this past Monday night at FHE we taught our kids the story of King Benjamin and focused on the tents all the families brought and how they faced their doors to the temple. We then decided that we would set up our tent in our house and let everyone come inside and watch General Conference out the door. We talked about making our tent a temple and what it meant when we entered the temple. To help us out, our 6 year old made steeples for our tent with an angel Moroni on the top. They will take off their shoes before entering our sacred temple. I am very hopeful that this will help them understand the sacredness and importance of Conference. :)
  • “Pray that one of the messages at conference will give you the personal revelation you need.” I knew that prayers could be answered through conference, but it never occurred to me to pray for the speakers in advance. Deciding to follow that advice, my wife and I specifically asked the Lord to direct our path through the conference speakers. We prayed for weeks as we eagerly awaited conference.
  • To my amazement, the very first conference talk, Elder Richard G. Scott’s “Using the Supernal Gift of Prayer,”1 gave me the answer I so desperately sought. During his talk I recalled several impressions I had
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  • That experience really solidified my testimony of conference and prayer. The talks we hear during conference truly are the words of the Lord, and if we put our trust in Him and earnestly seek Him in fervent prayer, He will guide us in our decisions.
  • After watching the Saturday sessions of April 2007 general conference, I began preparing for Sunday by implementing what the Brethren encouraged us to do
  • During this time, the missionaries invited me to attend October general conference. What stood out most from the messages was not the content but my feelings
  • I felt in both my mind and heart that I was listening to a prophet of God. I felt inspired and strengthened in my convictions; I also felt peace.
    Several stories about how Conference has helped people receive inspiration and guidance in their lives.

    - Receiving Answers
    - Implementing their Counsel
    - Serving Again
    - Learning His Will
    - Filing the Hungry
    - Helps for Home Evening
    Good stuff as we get ready for this weekend!
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