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Archangel Michael

Law Of Attraction - 8 views

    Inspiring to live life joyously and abundantly by using the Secret Law of Attraction.
Rohan Jagtap

New Site - 6 views

I have created one new website about the law of attraction. Become a part of community, forums and also you can watch free movies. Free ebooks on law of attraction are also available at http://magi...

magic mind new site

started by Rohan Jagtap on 19 Sep 09 no follow-up yet
Rohan Jagtap

Magic Of Mind - 5 views

    Necessary and Important tools to do real magic.
Rohan Jagtap

Most Perfect Formula - 8 views

What is the perfect formula to use the law of attraction for changing things as quickly as possible?

law of attraction perfect formula

started by Rohan Jagtap on 17 Jun 09 no follow-up yet
Rohan Jagtap

Global Oneness - The meeting place for Cultural Creatives - Articles, News, Community, ... - 0 views

    A very good site about faith, and overall self development.
Rohan Jagtap

Do you believe? - 6 views

Do you believe? or have you ever experienced the effect of law of attraction on your life?

law of attraction belief

started by Rohan Jagtap on 08 Jan 09 no follow-up yet
Rohan Jagtap

The Universal Law Of Attraction - 5 views

    The life is nothing but the law of attraction. The quantum physics and law of attraction explains the concept of God. You can change your life by changing your own thoughts...just like a real life magic!
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