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Theda Skocpol and Jennifer Lynn Oser - Organization despite Adversity: The Origins and ... - 0 views

  • A prominent form of voluntary organization in the United States from the nineteenth century through the mid–twentieth century, fraternal associations are self-selecting brotherhoods and sisterhoods that provide mutual aid to members, enact group rituals, and engage in community service.
  • Synthesizing primary and secondary evidence, this article documents that African Americans historically organized large numbers of translocal fraternal voluntary federations. Some black fraternal associations paralleled white groups, while others were distinctive to African Americans.
  • In regions where blacks lived in significant numbers, African Americans often created more fraternal lodges per capita than whites; and women played a much more prominent role in African American fraternalism than they did in white fraternalism.
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  • Rivaling churches as community institutions, many black fraternal federations became active in struggles for equal civil rights.
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The Kentucky club woman / Kentucky Association of Colored Women's Clubs - 0 views

    Info Kat
    A potential resource
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Chronology of the Equal Rights Amendment, 1923-1996 - 0 views

  • The ERA is reintroduced into each session of Congress and held in Committee.
  • At the ERA Summit, NOW President, Patricia Ireland explains that to achieve true equality a paradigm shift is needed. Under the equal protection clause of the 14th Amendment, using a male rather than human standard, the courts have been able to justify discrimination. Our goal of the summit is defined as the need to construct an amendment and develop a strategy that would end women's historic subordination to men and guarantee women full constitutional rights.
  • The national Constitutional Equality Amendment (CEA) Committee continues to evaluate the working draft of the CEA adopted at the 1995 National NOW Conference.
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Altrusa International of Lexington - 0 views

  • The club assesses the needs of the community and strives to meet the ever-changing landscape of Lexington.
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Kentucky: Secretary of State - Women Serving Kentucky - 2 views

    Another list of web links for Woman's Clubs.
    I never really would have considered Girl Scouts to be activists or reformers, but every woman needs to start somewhere!
Margaret Sites

Women in Kentucky - Public Service in Kentucky - 2 views

    • Margaret Sites
      intersection of gender and race in lexington
  • The reason given for the repeal is the large number African American women voting in a block in the 1901 Lexington school board elections.
    A very helpful timeline to put things into reference. From 1838 all the way to 1999. 
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