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Randolph Hollingsworth

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Cromwell history women suffragist politician Kentucky

started by Randolph Hollingsworth on 06 Sep 10
  • Gaurice Mrant
    She definitely was a very smart and educated women she was also elected to be state librarian. Seemes to me like she was attempting to prove Kentuckians were smarter than what they were perceived to be by other states. I also read that she became state treasurer and saved Kentucky's economy during the depression. This blows my mind that a Kentucky woman was genius enough to do something others could not.
  • charlie v
    Cromwell was a woman and a mother before she became a state wide figure for women, due to her political accomplishments. She was quoted for saying that women should be content living the married life and that had her husband and son not passed away, that she would not of pursued a carrear in politics. That is crazy to think based on everything she was able to do while in office. Becoming Secretary of State and then Secretary of the Tresurer, both prominent positions never held by a woman in any southern state.

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