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Bill Genereux

BBC News - New York Post cover: When should photographers drop their cameras? - 0 views

  • It raises the question of whether ordinary members of the public have an obligation to start thinking about media ethics in the same way as the most experienced war correspondent.
  • Since the tools for making media have been distributed to the people formerly known as the audience, the scene where professional ethics 'happen' must shift to the filters that news organisations apply when they decide what to publish
    "Kevin Carter"
Bill Genereux

The Library in the New Age by Robert Darnton | The New York Review of Books - 0 views

  • I did not know that crimes involving black people did not qualify as news.
  • Having learned to write news, I now distrust newspapers as a source of informatio
  • I think newspapers should be read for information about how contemporaries construed events, rather than for reliable knowledge of events themselves.
Bill Genereux

Unmanned U.S. Aircraft Shoots, Kills Two U.S. Soldiers [VIDEO] - 0 views

    Friendly fire incident involving unmanned predator aircraft. First known incident of military fratricide where the trigger person was thousands of miles from the victim. This video from AOL News Now cites numerous news sources. It seems that anyone with an interest in becoming a reporter could do this with the right technology and digital media skills.
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