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Bill Genereux

Penn State frat KDR had warning about social media before posting lewd photos | TribLIVE - 0 views

    A leadership consultant for Kappa Delta Rho's national organization cautioned the fraternity about social media three years before its Penn State chapter made headlines for ...
Bill Genereux

Why a leading professor of new media just banned technology use in class - The Washingt... - 0 views

  • Humans are incapable of ignoring surprising new information in our visual field, an effect that is strongest when the visual cue is slightly above and beside the area we’re focusing on.
  • Our visual and emotional systems are faster and more powerful than our intellect
  • attention is the substance which makes the whole consumer internet go
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  • they need defenses against the powerful short-term incentives to put off complex, frustrating tasks
Bill Genereux

The Danger of Telling Poor Kids That College Is the Key to Social Mobility - Andrew Sim... - 0 views

  • ean Anyon, an education researcher
  • chools teaching the children of affluent families prepared those kids to take on leadership roles
  • Schools teaching children from low-income families focused on keeping students busy and managing behavior.
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  • middle-class school deemphasized individual expression and in-depth analysis and rewarded the dutiful completion of specified rote tasks
  • Some students learn to take orders and others learn to chart a course of action and delegate responsibility.
  • “hidden curriculum”
  • When school environments casually yet consistently deemphasize the intellectual benefits of higher education, students become less imaginative about their futures.
  • College should be “sold” to all students as an opportunity to experience an intellectual awakening.
  • Access to higher education means that your values and interests can govern your choices.
Bill Genereux

Is College Worth the Money? Reflections from Six Graduates of the Class of 2011 | Media... - 0 views

    What is the value in attending college?
Bill Genereux

YouTube - Emerson College Lady Gaga LipDub - 0 views

    • Bill Genereux
      3:55 is a really awesome transition.
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