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Ida Norton

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started by Ida Norton on 05 Jun 12
  • Ida Norton
    Suddenly, people had Internet access as they had never had before along with a better user experience. What was most amazing is that people were no longer inhibited by their computers, but were able to actually surf the web and shop online with millions of other people across the Internet from their mobile phones. Gaining a fair share of your target niche will only occur if you tap into this growing market right now because competition is currently very low. The sooner the better, you must create and launch a mobile phone version of your app. Here are a few useful strategies on creating a good high quality mobile app.

    The Fastest Way to Get Traffic: Did you know that there are mobile advertising networks where you can place ads to get traffic quickly to your mobile site? The good news is that these networks aren't yet very competitive, so you can get ads at affordable prices. Because this type of marketing is still untapped, you can advertise for your chosen keywords without spending a fortune. Conversions are always higher when your traffic is targeted, and with this kind of advertising you can target your ads however you want. If you already have a Google Adwords account, you can use this service to reach mobile phone users. Adwords now makes it easy to target mobile phone users; you can find this option by going to the Content Display Network. As we all know, traffic is really important if you want to take your site to the next level, and there's no better way to get it than go targeted. Make Sure Your Site Loads Quickly: One limitation of mobile apps compared with computer sites is that they don't load as quickly. The fact is, while people are used to pages loading almost instantly on their computers, the same isn't yet true for mobile phone apps, and it will be a while before this technology catches up. You should, therefore, be conscious of the file size of everything you put on your site, and don't go overboard with things like graphics. A site that takes too long to load will get fewer visitors who actually wait for it to appear, so keep this in mind when you design it. With this type of app, lighter and faster are best, and marketers who keep this in mind will have the most success.

    Make Use of Mobile Commerce: Make sure your products and services can be purchased using mobile commerce, as many customers find it convenient to shop while on the phone. Allowing people to buy your items from their phones, using either phone billing or Paypal, will make it much more tempting for mobile phone users to buy from you. Mobile commerce may very well be the wave of the future when it comes to marketing, so make sure you position yourself to benefit from this. The point is, the more options you offer people, the better for everyone. Learning how to design the best possible mobile app may take some practice and tweaking on your part, but you'll soon be able to figure it out. The best way to tell if you've succeeded is to check for yourself how your site looks on a mobile phone.

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