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started by Maxwell Phelps on 24 Apr 12
  • Maxwell Phelps
    This also depends on how good sized your gum paste find is.

    If you don't like to get too complicated, here undoubtedly are a few ideas that are not hard. You can decorate any kind of shape cake with Christmas presents made from gum paste. Just form a cube out of different colors of periodontal paste. Cut up thin whitening strips of contrasting colors to require to these cubes. Using a little gum glue to adhere them, lay these strips on the cubes in a criss cross pattern. You can even form a little bow for the the top presents. For a Seasonal tree cake, you can either buy the tree cake pan or carve the cake out of a sheet cake. Frost it in green and decorate with small goodies.

    Another simple idea is to generate a Christmas holly cake. The green and crimson holly contrasts nicely which includes a simple white cake. To produce the holly, you need gum paste and some sort of holly leaf cutter. Tint some gum paste a dark green, roll that out thin and slice the holly leaves. For any grouping of holly, you'll require three leaves. Dry the leaves on crumpled aluminum foil to give them a more organic shape. Tint gum paste green and roll three pea sized balls for each holly grouping. When all the gum paste decorations are dry, spray them with confectioner's lacquer. Arrange 3 leaves together so they fan out and place the berries in the center. Attach your periodontal paste leaves and all berries with gum glue. You can either place several leaf groupings for the edge or create the whole edge of the cake out of holly.

    To make a simple wintery scene, make white chocolate snowflakes to help decorate the cake. Either draw or listing pictures of snowflakes, tape them down and tape plastic wrap over them. Pipe melted white chocolate while using #4 cake decorating rule and place them in the freezer for 5 min's. Carefully peel them off the plastic. They can either lay flat over the cake or you can stick them in the icing and make them fully stand up.
    Wonky cakes are that will be exactly the opposing of traditional cakes, with their straight sides and fat-free tops. Instead Wonky cakes get both sloping sides together with top. This type of cake is usually round, and preferably some sort of fruit or Madeira mix - and ideally several inches deep. An electric carving knife comes in handy when cutting cakes. It makes a clean cut and it is quick to use. Some different types of cake start to fall apart when cut, so freezing them for a couple of hours will make them easier to handle.

    There are actually two ways of making cakes look 'wonky' one design is more extreme than the other, as not only are the cakes wider at the top than the bottom, but they also look as once they are about to topple over! To arrive only at that shape place a thin cake board, 2" smaller than the size of the cake - or work with a saucer, of the same size - in the centre of the top surface with the cake.

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