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Theeter - Simple YouTube Sharing - 5 views

    youtube player without the comments, and related videos
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Shock tactics: 7 ideas for teaching with technology - Articles - Educational ... - 12 views


Patrick Woessner's Presentations - Digital Storytelling - 8 views

    Digital Storytelling Workshop: Storytelling in the K-12 Classroom
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    Presentation: Digital Storytelling Workshop: Storytelling in the K-12 Classroom
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Michael Horn--An Innosight "Education Disruption" Case Study: Alpine Online School - Th... - 1 views

    Michael Horn--An Innosight "Education Disruption" Case Study: Alpine Online School

Education Futures - Timeline - 5 views

    Education Futures celebrates its first five years of exploring new futures in human capital development with a timeline of the history of modern education. This timeline provides not only a glimpse into the past and present, but plots out a plausible future history for human capital development. The future history presented is intended to be edgy, but also as a conversation starter on futures for education and future thinking in human capital development.

Home (Crockett's Crew) - 6 views

    • Michael Wacker
      this is great

Teaching About Copyright And Fair Use | Media Education Lab - 12 views

    Lesson plans and materials to help you teach about copyright and fair use in high school, university or graduate school.

Joe Wood Online PBWiki / Google Earth in the Classroom - 7 views

    Google Earth (& Maps!) in the Classroom

untitled - 1 views

  • What I am suggesting is that you learn a little about the many different kinds of tools that are out there (many of which are free or very low cost) and give a few a trial run. Online interactive whiteboards, Wikis, virtual worlds, workgroup tools, mind mapping, collaborative documents, the list just goes on and on, and the potential is endless. You owe it to yourself and your students to be informed, to participate, and to embrace the opportunities.
  • Another unavoidable fact is the growing desire for experience and familiarity with the Internet and other computer technologies as a hiring requirement in the educational field.
  • student realizes that they can easily make the resulting creation available for viewing on the Internet, it can be pretty exciting!
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  • “Meet them where they live!”
  • Yes, a lot of folks are wasting a lot of time doing things on the Internet that don’t contribute to society or offer much in the way of personal growth, but at the same time, there are countless ways in which the multitude of tools and technologies available on the Internet are being used in wonderfully constructive ways. Come and be a part of it, and contribute your voice.

3 Informational E-Books for Teachers and Educators - 19 views

  • With all the great resources, websites, articles and other helpful information for educators, it may sometimes be hard to keep track of all these items. Thankfully, e-books have recently been popularized as a way to give educators these educational tools and tips they want and need to help students learn. The best part about these books is that they can be read online, downloaded, printed or just saved for later. What better a way to integrate technology into the classroom than to start by doing it yourself. Here are a few e-books that will be sure to help integrate technology into the classroom and prepare students for the future.

Cloud Computing with OfficeLive and GoogleDocs | Windows 7 News - 15 views

  • Here’s a quick and easy way to access them with only one caveat, you need to be a registered user of Hotmail or Live Mail for OfficeLive and Gmail for GoogleDocs. 

Social media class to be offered this fall | ASU News - 4 views

  • Gilpin will explain the nuances of social media and train students on how to best use these tools in a new class to be offered this fall – Media 2.0: Social Media. The 400-level class is open to all ASU students.“Social media is changing the way that we are communicating, in person and across space and time,” Gilpin said. “These things have pretty important cultural impacts.”The advent of social media can be compared to the era when television was introduced into living rooms across the country during the 1950s. Today, Americans and many citizens around the world expect immediate information and instant access to the people in their lives.Media 2.0: Social Media will explore the medium from the perspective of four cornerstones: cultural, economics and ownership, law and ethics, and privacy.
  • “You need to have your public persona be something that’s OK for an employer to look at,” Gilpin said. “You should be hyper aware of what you’re putting out there, but at the same time, it makes your message a little less authentic. You’re always thinking about the impression you’re going to make.”
  • Additional topics that will be covered include social media and journalism, crowdsourcing, government and publishing, and professional and personal branding.
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