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Nele Noppe

Japans-Nederlands woordenboek - 0 views

    Het Japans-Nederlands woordenboek Waran, ontwikkeld door de Katholieke Universiteit Leuven
    Japanese-Dutch dictionary developed by the Catholic University of Leuven
Nele Noppe

Motivate yourself with "loss aversion" | 43 Folders - 0 views

    Nice concept. How about giving students full marks at the beginning of a semester and letting them work to keep them? Any way we can justify such a system?
Nele Noppe

"Anime: Drawing a Revolution" is Garbage - 0 views

  • the reality is that most of the Naruto generation doesn't seem that interested in the cultural underpinnings of anime or manga. The era when anime was a fringe hobby is over, with easy availability and the Internet giving anime more mass-market success in America than it has ever had before. However, one side-effect of this is that the new generation of otaku don't seem that interested in examining anime as anything beyond the latest hot, hip show. I don't believe they have much interest in the seminal works of Tezuka, which is analogous to a self-described cartoon fan not knowing who Walt Disney is or why one would care.
    • Nele Noppe
      Something we, as researchers, do tend to lose sight of. Anime and manga are not fascinating in and of themselves for the vast majority of fans. In all likelyhood, even most of the Japanese Studies students for whose benefit we're trying to incorporate manga into classes are not interested in the why and how of manga, let alone the educational benefits manga might offer. They just want to have fun reading or watching.
    Included because of one interesting quote.
Nele Noppe

Cross-Cultural Space: Spatial Representation in American and Japanese Visual Language - 0 views

    • Nele Noppe
      quote! en meer zoeken over die theorie van visual language
    • Nele Noppe
      aspecten van een situatie tonen eerder dan de actie
  • subjectivity can be encoded in a panel as a whole,
    shifting the viewpoint of the panel to a member of the fictive narrative.
    • Nele Noppe
      subjectiviteit viewpoints
  • ...10 more annotations...
  • Japanese children use aerial and
    close up (“exaggerated”) viewpoints en masse and were not found in the American
    children’s representations at all.
    • Nele Noppe
      close-ups belangrijk: tonen emoties? (shonen van nabij bekijken)
  • Aerial
    High-angled Lateral
    Low-angled Ground-up
    (SD = 1.2)
    (SD = 8.5)
    (SD = 8.5)
    (SD = 3.7)
    (SD = 0.4)
    (SD = 0.9)
    (SD = 5.1)
    (SD = 8.6)
    • Nele Noppe
      blijkbaar zijn manga relatief gevarieerd qua perspectieven
    • Nele Noppe
      dit klinkt gek, denkende aan shojo-layouts. bekijken

      -> aan afbeelding te zien: lijkt op eerste gezicht niet Japans, nee. is er rekening gehouden met zaken zoals shojo stijl, waar de frames vaak helemaal afwezig zijn??
  • Though the numbers are minor, American books
    seem to modify their panels with framing types more than Japanese books do.
    • Nele Noppe
      statistieken voor close-ups, linken!
    • Nele Noppe
      is relatief minder diepte in manga een gevolg van minder achtergrond?
  • a greater variation across authors for LRM categories than Japanese
    books do. I hypothesize that this variation can be attributed to a willingness of American
    authors to experiment more with the visual language as an “artistic” medium, as opposed
    to the Japanese usage of more of a communicative system akin to language (Cohn 2004)
    • Nele Noppe
      heel interessant! worden manga in japan meer gebruikt voor 'communicatie', en comics in de vs meer voor 'artistieke expressie'? (ook superhero comics van dertien in een dozijn?)
  • An “Art” treatment emphasizes
    individualistic and innovative techniques for authors, while a “Language” system
    promotes shared techniques amongst a community.
    • Nele Noppe
      gebruiken om erop te wijzen dat manga een 'taal' bevatten!

      -shared techniques wil niet zeggen minder originele inhoud, gaat over structural means
  • difference is recognizable in other domains such as drawing style. While American
    authors draw in dramatically varying ways, Japanese authors are similar enough in
    structure to belong to an overarching “Japanese style” that is recognizable at a glance.
  • Of course, the
    need for an explanation for variance at all is in part a curious one when dealing with the
    notion of languages, since usually languages are expected to vary.
Nele Noppe

Design4Diversity.pdf (application/pdf Object) - 0 views

    • Nele Noppe
      hand gestures in manga?
    • Nele Noppe
      *good that we're using manga then.
    • Nele Noppe
      *good that we're using manga then
  • ...2 more annotations...
    • Nele Noppe
      trend in manga-vertaling naar dichter bij origineel blijven -hoe correspondeert dat hiermee?
    • Nele Noppe
      *how expressive are manga characters from the viewpoint of non-Japanese?
Nele Noppe

Yaoi-Con and BL, No Longer "Niche" - 10/30/2007 2:59:00 AM - Publishers Weekly - 0 views

  • Because of the often mature nature of BL, Yaoi-Con is a rare example of an 18-plus-only anime event.
    Interesting how this event is 18+. I wonder if Comiket or similar events in Japan have age restrictions for visitors as well? Certainly never heard of it.
Nele Noppe

IT-competenties - Encyclopedie - 0 views

    Just testing
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